With more than 7,000 islands, white sandy beaches, beautiful scenery, and unique culture, the Philippines is a total dream destination. However, your trip to the Philippines wouldn’t be complete without visiting Manilla which is the largest of the 7,000 islands that make up the nation. Often referred to as the Pearl of the Orient, Manilla is arguably the most beautiful and among the oldest cities in the Philippines and the world. Apart from being known for its beautiful scenery and colorful multi-cultural heritage, Manilla is also a totally bustling place that is filled with countless unique souvenir shops. In fact, souvenir shopping tops the list of the best activities to do here. However, you can easily be overwhelmed by the choices that it might take you lots of time before you finally figure out what’s best to get from here. To help you, we have compiled a list of the top 10 things to buy in Manilla.


Source: Timeless Pearl

Apart from existing abundantly in the Philippines, Pearls are sold at a great bargain here when compared to other countries. The most common types are the white pearls. However, you will also easily come across pink and gray pearl varieties. After buying, you can turn the pearls into a wide variety of accessories like earrings, necklaces, bracelets.

Philippine Jeepney

Source: Philippine Jeepney

In the Philippines, Jeepneys are the most popular and used means of transportation. In fact, they are often displayed in Philippine travel brochures as an essential part of the Philippine adventure. To remind yourself of your whole adventure in Philippine, you can buy and take back home some decorative models found throughout Manilla.

Coconut Wine

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Commonly referred to as the coconut wine or the coconut vodka, Lambanog is a type of Philippine alcoholic beverage. It is distilled from the sap of an unopened coconut flower and has very high alcohol content. The drink is marketed in a variety of flavors including mango, Cinnamon, blueberry, and bubblegum that you can buy and take back home.

Bamboo Baul

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In the Philippines, the Bamboo plant holds a notable cultural and economic significance. This is because it grows fast and is also relatively cheaper. Bamboo is usually used in the Philippines as a building material and also a food source. The Bamboo Baul is just a local version of a treasure chest that is made out of bamboo shoots. You can easily buy this unique piece of Philippine furniture anywhere in Manilla and take them back home.

San Miguel Beer

Source: San Miguel Brewery

Although most people think that San Miguel Beer is of Spanish origin, the truth is that it is actually a Filipino brew. It has only received licensing management in a variety of European countries. When you come to Manilla, you will definitely fall in love with this beer thanks to its unique sweet taste and alcohol content.

Manila Wood Carvings

Source: mylifeandmytravel.blogspot.com

These are carved wooden items that come in the form of little figurines, sculptures, bowls, and even ashtrays. The items are excellent souvenirs being that they are both decorative and functional. You will easily find these wooden souvenir items in specialty shops and almost all of the Malls in Manilla.

Dried Mangos

Source: nuts.com

According to many travelers, the Philippines has some of the sweetest mangoes that you can ever taste anywhere in the whole world. If you worry about how you can carry several kilos of mangoes in your luggage, you can dry them up, seal them in vacuum packs, and easily carry them back home. Apart from dried mangoes, there are other mango products that you can buy including dried mango strips, mango cubes, mango slices in syrup, dried mango chips, and mango nectar.

Piña Cloth

Source: Choose Philippines

Of all the beautiful fabrics that are made in the Philippines, the best of them all is the piña cloth. This is a fabric that is extracted from pineapple fibers and is downright durable. Although it is usually used in making the Saya and Barong Tagalog, the traditional Filipino dress, you can still use it to make high quality and durable bags and home décor.

Barako Coffee

Source: Perfect Daily Grind

If you have a coffee lover in your family, Baraka coffee is definitely the best gift to take back to them. Grown mainly in the Batangas, this popular and well-loved coffee is of the Liberia variety and features a very strong aroma with a rich fruity taste.

Local Handicrafts

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Handicrafts are without a doubt Manilla’s staple souvenir. From bags and wallets to doormats and baskets, you will find them being sold cheaply in almost every shop in Manilla. The handmade products often are of high quality and versatile which is proof of the ingenuity of the Filipinos.

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