If you are planning to visit Indonesia then definitely you cannot afford to pass through the must-see province of Bali. Surrounded by golden beaches and azure seas, this diminutive section of Indonesia is often referred to as “The Morning of the World” and “The Island of Gods”. It features some of the most magnificent beaches, lush tropical forests, and beautiful waterfalls in the world which make it among the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. For those looking for a beach holiday, there is no better place to visit than this remarkable island found in the middle of Indonesia. Since Bali has been a thriving tourist center for a long time, the island has also grown to be a shopper’s paradise over the years. In fact, if you have never visited here, you will be very surprised by the large variety of items from all over Indonesia and Asia available here at very low prices. From high-end boutiques and shops to the more traditional marketplaces, Bali has everything when it comes to shopping. In fact, if you are planning a trip here, leave space in your suitcase for these top 10 things to buy in Bali.

Kopi Luwak

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Your visit to Bali cannot be complete without having a taste of kopi luwak coffee. Regarded as the most pricey coffee in the world, this strong brew comes with an unusual flavor that results from the whole processing method. To make the coffee, local coffee farmers here feed the berries to Indonesian civet cats and after the cat defecates, they proceed to take the remaining indigestible beans. These products are then processed and used to fabricate the unique coffee brew.

Balinese Silver Jewelry

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Although Silver is available in almost every part of the world, the silversmiths in Bali have been known for producing stunning silver pieces since time immemorial. For the best deals in Balinese silver jewelry, you can take a visit to Celuk which is well known for creating silver jewelry pieces with semi-precious and precious stones. Here is where you will come across almost every silver jewelry set from simple bracelets and earrings to rings, pendants, and armbands.

Fabric and Clothing

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Batik fabric is a type of fabric found in Indonesia that is made in a sophisticated way resulting in very intricate patterns of dots. The fabric is indigenous to Bali and is incorporated in almost every garment and religious attire. You can choose to purchase only the fabric and carry back home and create your own attires or find shirts, sarongs, tablecloths, and bed linens that are already fabricated from this unique fabric.

Wood Carvings

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Having been surrounded by nature all over, Balinese people have learned to embrace artistic lifestyles. Wood carvings are one of their most popular creations thanks to the abundance of the material. For tourists, these wood carvings act as a perfect souvenir to carry back home. Wood carvings can be found almost anywhere in Bali from cheap and generic wood carvings to those high-end and pricey pieces.

Bali Ceramics

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Bali ceramics make the best pottery pieces you can find, If your search for what to buy in Bali involves something that can brighten your home then this is what to go with. The good thing is that they are being sold almost in every shop in Bali. The artisans have been known to create these products using procedures and techniques passed down from generation to generation. What’s more is that there are pottery classes where you can learn how to make your own pieces.

Gamelan Ball

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The Gamelan ball, also known as the harmony ball, is a hand-crafted silver ball that is worn by the locals. Used so much by the locals, the small, intricate balls are shaken gently to produce a soothing sound. This sound is believed to reduce the level of stress in the body. These balls make the best gifts for pregnant women since the locals say the sound can be heard by the baby and in turn make it remain calm in the womb.

Beach Attire

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Since Bali lies on the equator, you can expect every day to be like summer. This is why there is an abundance of summer and beach attire designed by the locals. The locals here design everything ranging from tropical bathing suits to the simple sleeveless “Bintang” shirts. Whether you are after something iconic to take back to an adult or your kids, you will find beach attire of every size in the local shops.


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Balinese people are very religious and practice a variety of rites and rituals daily. In almost every ritual, they must feature dupa. This is a stick found in Indonesia that yields aromatic scents when lit on fire. The locals believe that when the aromatic smoke fills the room, it can appease the gods. The traditional shops in Bali are known to sell dupa with added scents that are specifically for souvenirs.

Barong Masks

Photo: Barong Masks

In the ancient times, masks were only used for spiritual purposes in temples when conducting traditional rituals. However, as tourists started flooding the island, they started expressing an interest in them. Barong masks are fabricated using a variety of woods by master carvers. For these masks, you can head over to Mas where most of the wood-working shops are located.

Beauty Products

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Balinese women, royals, and princesses have been known to possess a naturally radiant and glowing skin. This is because they have been using organic body products produced from flowers and herbs even before these modern products came into existence. Almost all the local brands in Bali have been incorporating these beauty secrets that can make the perfect gifts to carry home. The beauty products can be bought almost any local shop and come in form of soaps, oils, and scrubs.

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