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What to Buy in Dubai in 2022: Top 10 Things to Buy in Dubai

Dubai is one of the few countries that have recently experienced dramatic growth in the number of tourist attractions. Today, the country boasts of uncountable overwhelming attractions ranging from futuristic architecture and imposing malls to scenic man-made islands and a lively nightlife scene. While these may be the main things that attract tourists from all over the world, your trip to the “city of gold” wouldn’t be complete without doing some shopping. With a thriving economy and favorable policies, Dubai’s shopping scene is currently one of the most seductive in the world. In fact, here is where you will find the world’s biggest shopping mall―the Dubai Mall. However, with so many shops and interesting things to buy, you would easily feel overwhelmed about choosing what to buy and bring back home. To make it easier for you, we have compiled this list of the top 10 best things that you should buy if you are planning to visit Dubai in 2020.


Source : Luxos / Gold in Dubai

Popularly known as “the city of gold”, you will be surprised at the large variety of gold you will find here. When it comes to shopping for gold jewelry, one of the largest gold market in the world (the Dubai Gold Souk) is located in the city’s commercial business district. Here, you will find huge chunks of gold at the most competitive prices compared to most parts of the world.


spices pinterest
Source : Pinterest / Spices in Dubai

Dubai also prides itself in having varied exotic spices from every corner of the world. The best place to buy this product is the Spice Souk which is located just adjacent to the Gold Souk. Here is where you will be left tantalized from the aromas of the spices before you even enter the shops. Inside, you will find hundreds of both familiar and unfamiliar spices that you can get at pretty affordable prices.

Dry fruits

dry fruit chinahao
Source : Chinahao / Dry Fruits

Although dry fruits may not be ridiculously inexpensive compared to other parts of the world, the ones you will find here are of exceptional quality. You will come across numerous vendors in the city selling all kinds of high quality dried fruits with pretty packaging. Don’t leave without tickling your taste buds with the Saudi Arabian dates which are undeniably the most popular dry fruits in Dubai.

Camel Milk

camel milk eatingthechocolatealphabet
Source : Eatingthechocolatealphabet / Camel Milk

If you are from the US or Europe then you might not be very familiar with camel milk. Just like in the other Arabian countries, camel milk products are a specialty in Dubai. Try out camel milk as a drink or in chocolate and strawberry form and I assure you that you will like it. The camel milk products not only serve as wonderful treats but also make for an interesting gift that you can carry back home.

Arabic Style Carpets

arabic style carpets iStock
Source : iStock / Arabian Style Carpets

These are without a doubt one of the most popular and cherished gifts anyone can buy from Dubai. The Arabian carpets are world-renowned and come in several designs and sizes. Most of them come in earthy colors with slightly darker hues of brown, red and tan. To make them exceptional, they are uniquely decorated with Arabian patterns.

Perfume Holders or Stands

perfume holder amazon
Source : Amazon / Perfume Holder

You will also find an incredible variety of perfumes and perfume holders in Dubai. The best part is that you can even create your own custom made fragrance to match that of your loved one’s tastes. There are also classic perfume stands that are perfectly created from crystal and glass. The perfume holders come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Perfume stands feature gold bases that have very intricate carvings that are sometimes embellished with semi-precious stones.

Designer clothes and accessories

designer clothes dubaiconfdential
Source : Dubaiconfidential / Designer Clothes

With the largest shopping mall in the world, Dubai features numerous shopping malls that are filled with hundreds of stalls and high-end boutiques. In any occasion, you will come across several outlets belonging to the world’s most renowned clothing and footwear brands. What’s more, the malls even host several shopping festivals which you can attend for great discounts on designer clothes.


attar islamicbookstore
Source : islamicbookstore / Attar

In Dubai, it is common to smell very strong exotic scents when you walk past the Arabian women. This is because most women here use Attar, an oil that is made by distilling flower petals in the water while applying mild pressure and heat.

Arabian Coffee and Coffee Pot

coffe pot lovindubai
Source : lovindubai / Arabian Coffee pot

If you are a coffee lover then you know that not all coffee tastes the same. In Dubai, Arabica Coffee is a culinary tradition just like in any other Arabian country. This variety of coffee usually tastes quite bitter and is often served with a sweet treat to achieve a balanced flavor. To give you an ultimate Arabic coffee drinking experience, you should buy a copper Arabic coffee pot. Apart from daily coffee use, these pots which are popularly known as “dallah” also serve as decorative pieces.

Jewel Chests

jewel chest alibaba
Source : Alibaba / Jewel Chest

Since Dubai is well known for jewelry, it makes it the best place to buy inexpensive jewel chests. You will find beautiful and intricately carved jewel chests that are made of sandalwood and further enhanced with silver and other precious stones. The chests are available in a wide variety of avatars that you will be spoilt for choice.