Living in Singapore for nearly eight years, I have been to Haji Lane several times with each time leaving me with different experience and feeling. The funky little fashion boutiques, quirky Middle Eastern cafes, and creative abstract graffiti on the wall have made this place not only a must-visit stop for tourists but also hippest neighborhood to hang out over weekends.

About Haji Lane

Hidden in a narrow street in Bugis near the old Malay district of Kampong Glam, Haji Lane, in short, is a small shopping street. ‘Haji’ is the Malay word for a Muslim man who’s completed a pilgrimage to Mecca. Only until recently, Haji Lane was an altogether abandoned area of old shophouses. To date, the refurbished two-storey colonial period shophouses are vibrant with a spectrum of artistic shops and galleries.

How to Get There

Take the East-West line (green line), and alight at Bugis MRT. Take the exit Victoria Street and walk straight along Victoria Street. Then turn right onto Ophir Street, left at North Bridge Road and finally, right onto Haji Lane. OR if you’re by Arab Street, Haji Lane is just a block away.

What to Do

Fritter away a whole afternoon perusing the independent boutiques, shops, and galleries lining the street.

Believe me; your eyes will not be moved from any one of these shops with tasteful designs and decoration selling gadgets, clothes, jewelry, furniture and so on. There are many famous shops that are featured in this blog post.

Enjoy a cooling afternoon break inside either an Arabic style or Vintage cafe

Singapore is hot. Hanging out in the hot weather for long, people will just feel very tempted to stay inside a cafe enjoying a glass of cooling beverage. Don’t worry, there are a lot of choices for your afternoon tea. Nothing will be better than sitting by the window with an iced tropical fruit juice in hands and cooling aircon emitting cold air perfectly on your sweating face. Besides, the unique designed cafes are always a good place for a selfie.

You can also check out some recommended cafe & bars from The Smart Local.

Dressed up and take street photos like a fashion blogger 

Don’t waste the artistic genes inherent in this small lane! Make use of the alluring storefronts, street paintings, and everything! Take some awesome street photos.

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  1. Haji Lane is my favorite lane in Singapore. It’s hard not to love Haji Lane because it’s got so many shops selling pretty fashion, accessories and all kinds of lovely stuff that girls love.

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