Besides being home to some of the most beautiful attractions in the world, Singapore is also home to a good number of flourishing local brands. Despite being just slightly over 50 years old, the country has seen more homegrown brands come from humble beginnings and make a name for themselves. In fact, most of these companies have made it so big in international markets that some people forgot that they have their origins in Singapore. This is why we have decided to remind you of the 15 local brands that all Singaporeans love and makes them have an identity.


Being one of the most famous gaming companies in the world, it’s not surprising that many people often forget this company was started by a Singaporean. Well known for its neon-green serpentine logo that is plastered diagonally on an entire ecosystem of products, this company produces high-end and powerful products targeting gamers specifically.

Razer Headset


With over 1,000 different varieties and blends of tea, Singapore is a synonymous place for having a luxurious tea experience. With outlets all over Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, United Arab Emirates, and the United States of America, TWG is the Singaporeans go-to place for the best tea.

Source : / TWG

Banyan Tree

Founded by Ho Kwon Ping, a Singaporean businessman, this is one Singaporean brand that knows how to venture into different hospitality concepts. Currently, the brand has grown to the extent that it has become Asia’s premier luxury hotel as well as resort brand.

Source: / Banyan Tree


Since 2001 when the brand was first started, Raoul has gained so much recognition both locally and internationally. Although it only started with menswear, the brand has now diversified to include women’s wear and casual wear.

Source : / Raoul

Axe Oil

If there is one brand that has left a mark in every Singaporean’s childhoods is this product from Leung Kai Fook Medical Company. The product is a must-have for every household since it treats a wide variety of ailments ranging from headaches to stomachaches.

Source: / Axe Oil


Despite being pretty small in appearance, these mini capsule speakers are well known for packing a hefty amount of bass. Designed and manufactured by Xmi Pte Ltd, the Singaporean company now has distribution networks all over Latin America, North America, Europe, Australia, Middle East, and the Asia Pacific.

Source : / X-Mini speaker


Established in 2004, Browhaus has grown to be a one-stop salon for the perfect lashes and brows. Today, 100 percent Singaporean brand has gone international with outlets in all over New York, London, and Southeast Asia.

Source: / Browhouse

Charles & Keith

Started by two hard-working siblings, Charles and Keith Wong, this is one fashion brand that is prominent for stocking chic pieces ranging from footwear to bags. Currently, the brand has over 400 stores all over the world across over 30 markets.

Source : / Charles & Keith


This store is famous for stocking a wide range of timeless accessories and footwear for both men and women. Being a spin-off from the celebrated Charles & Keith brand, this is another brand that is 100 percent Singaporean despite sounding Italian. Just like its parent company, this brand has managed to establish itself both locally and internationally and currently has 75 stores worldwide.

Source : / Perdo

Creative Technology

Source: / Creative Products

This Singaporean Company is without a doubt one of the most famous computer and audio companies making it big worldwide. In fact, today we are able to listen to music from our computers thanks to Creative.


What pops out of your head first when you think of luxurious massage chairs? It is definitely OSIM if I guessed right. With major superstars like Lee Min Ho and Andy Lau featuring in OSIM’s commercials, it only shows how far the company has reached as a brand.

Source : / OSIM


For premium quality notebooks, diaries, paper products, and stationeries as a whole, every Singaporean turns to Prints products. Although this brand has only two outlets in Singapore, it is one of the brand’s that has seen so much success in international markets.

Source : / Prints Stationery

Tiger Balm

Have you ever wondered why you will always find Tiger Balm on the SIA duty-free magazine? For many generations, Tiger Balm has been used by Singaporeans to heal aches and pains. It’s naming having spread worldwide now, this ointment has now evolved into a wide range of formulations including sprays, medicated plasters, mosquito repellants, and back pain patches.

Source : / Tiger Balm

14. Breadtalk

Ever since Breadtalk first appeared in the market 14-years ago, the company has grown to become a multinational food and beverage company. You will agree with us that today this is a staple in the diet of many Singaporeans as well as many other people in Asia.

Source: / Bread Talk

Khong Guan Biscuits

Established in 1947, this local biscuit manufacturer has grown from a local household name to a multinational group of companies. The company is well known for producing quality and wide varieties of biscuit, cookies, crackers, and chocolate-related products.

Source: / Khong Biscuits

While most of these brands have come from humble beginnings, they are now polished brands with some even flourishing in markets beyond the borders. You can drop us a comment and tell us which one is your favorite or makes you feel proud of being Singaporean.

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