If you are visiting Beijing for the first time then you will definitely be dumbfounded by its many unusual tourist attractions. However, the city is also a shopper’s haven and as a matter of fact, you could spend a week here just shopping around. Being the capital of China, Beijing offers both the locals and tourists a rather unique and lively shopping experience. From frenzied indoor markets to massive streets dedicated to vendors, Beijing has it all when it comes to shopping. In fact, it will be nearly impossible to visit here and end up going back home empty-handed. However, with a large number of shopping areas and items, you can easily get overwhelmed. Thankfully, we have compiled this list of the top 10 things to buy in Beijing to help you find your favorite souvenirs.


Source: The Pearl Source

Pearls are without a doubt one of the most bought souvenirs by tourists looking for what to buy in Beijing. The pearls, especially those that are from freshwater, are found almost everywhere in the city at very affordable prices. Since they usually make elegant jewelry, pearls are the perfect gift to buy for that special girl in your life. It is advised to first know their prices since the sellers may choose to quote for you a steeper price.


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The Chinese people regard jade as a very precious stone that descended straight from heaven. Although it is very hard to carve jade, the Chinese craftsmen have found a way to create very intricate and beautiful designed jewelry from them. In Beijing, you will find this product in the shopping malls as well as the various shopping stores.


Source: Silk Market Beijing

The Chinese silk is definitely the most sought after silk thanks to its high quality, elegance, and unique design. Having existed in the country for over 5, 000 years, Beijing has very many silk stores with some of the most prestigious silk establishments in the whole world. The price will depend on the quality of the product as well as your bargaining skills.


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Being an art form that has its origins in Beijing city, you will come across very many stores and markets selling this product. The best part is that you will find very unique products with a wide range of colors and shapes. The prices will depend on the products size and the intricacy of its paintwork.


Source: Culture Trip

If you are someone who loves traveling around collecting antiques then you have just come to the right place. Beijing features a very large Antique Street that houses over 600 merchants. This is the biggest antique market in the whole of Asia and features items ranging from art objects and sculpture to old furniture and ancient jewelry.


Source: Beijing Review

These are generally household utensils that have been handcrafted and coated with lacquer. The products have a very long history that dates back to ancient China. Nowadays, lacquerware items are used as decorative items for the living room. You will find these products anywhere in Beijing and the price will vary according to the product’s size and type.


Source: Beijing Tours

China is known worldwide for its wide range of porcelain and household items. Over the years, Beijing has made very great achievements in porcelain making it the best place to track them down. You will find a wide range of both modern and antique porcelain products like figurines, antique vases, and teapots brimming in any antique market.

Chinese Tea

Source: Beijingholiday.com

Tea is also among the souvenirs that are most sought after by many tourists visiting Beijing. Although you will find Chinese tea in any groceries or store, if you are after the more special types you can head to any tea market in the city.

Painting & Calligraphy

Source: China Daily

The Chinese calligraphy is, in fact, an art that is well recognized around the world. If you like artwork, you will find great deals on painting and calligraphy in Beijing. Regarding the calligraphy, you will choose the characters according to your liking or personality or even to the liking of the person you are going to give it to. The prices depend on the rarity and historic value of the calligraphy or painting and usually start from 5 USD all the way to 350 USD.

Chinese Traditional Medicine

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Since ancient times, Chinese Traditional Medicine has been used to cure various diseases. The medicine is made from all-natural ingredients like herbs and features no added chemicals. This medicine can be used to cure diseases as well as nurse one’s health. If you can’t speak Chinese, you will need to have a translator to help you buy the medicine.

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