Have you ever dreamt of filling your Instagram profile with impressive travel photos? With the advancements in smartphone cameras, Instagrammers all over the world is increasingly searching for new cool places to take cool shots. When it comes to photography, there is no better place to take Instagram-worthy pictures than China. With its iconic skylines, magnificent structures, and amazing scenery, China can definitely make a photographer out of anyone. While almost all of China is worthy snapping, here are the top 12 Instagrammable Spots in China for 2020.

Beijing City

The Great Wall

If you have ever traveled to Beijing then you probably know that the Great Wall is a must. Being one of the 7 Modern Wonders of the World, The Great Wall of China features various stunning and popular sections such as the Badaling and the Mutianyu which are good for taking snaps.


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Beijing Olympic Stadium (aka Bird’s Best)

If you have some time to spare then you can consider checking Beijing Olympic stadium. The stadium is well known worldwide for it’s unique and amazing architectural structure. Although it was built for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the stadium still makes a great backdrop for taking stunning photos.


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The Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven is also another place in Beijing that is wonderful for taking gorgeous photos. Located just 15 minutes from the Forbidding City, this snow-white structure doesn’t miss in every tourist’s must-see list. This is because it offers extremely amazing views of traditional Chinese architecture.


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Jingshan Park

Being the highest point in the entire city of Beijing, this park offers travelers with the best possible bird’s eye view of the entire city. If you ever find that things are getting on the way of your photography, this is the only place that you should head to for the most amazing views of the city.


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Shanghai City

The iconic Shanghai skyline

This futuristic skyline is formed by a good number of skyscrapers that are strategically located in the heart of Shanghai city. To snap an amazing photo, it is advisable to take the shot from the second bridge as this will also enable you to include the prominent Waibaidu Bridge in your photo.


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The 1933 Slaughterhouse

If you like architecture or you are after a very dramatic backdrop for your pictures then this is another one of the top instagrammable spots in China’s Shanghai city. A walk around the neighborhood will also reveal to you a mix of pristine buildings that are also very Instagram-worthy.


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Jin Mao Tower

While this tower’s grand art-deco facade may seem extremely impressive on the outside, the view is even more intriguing on the inside. When you enter the building, just walk over to the Grand Hyatt hotel’s magnificent lobby and take the lift all the way up to the 86th floor.


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Xinhua Bookstore

Apart from being one of the most famous bookstores, it is also a publishing company. One of the things that have made this bookstore very famous is its incredible Greek-themed architecture. The bookstore is literally jaw-dropping and is loved by both the locals and tourists.


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Hong Kong City

The Victoria Peak

Being Hong Kong city’s number one attraction, this spot should be on top of your list of places to visit for a snap. Although the place usually gets so crowded, you can still be sure that you will be able to take stunning pictures. The best part is that you will also get to see a good number of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers as well as a beautiful panoramic view of the whole city. Although this area is well known to be touristy as hell, it is also a very good place for taking amazing snaps. No matter whether you visit during the day or night, this area will offer you the most beautiful views of the nearby Victoria harbor and Hong Kong’s skyline. Even though it might prove difficult getting a much wider shot that has you in it, you can just try your best.


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Big Buddha

Your list of the most instagrammable places in China cannot be complete without mentioning the picturesque Tian Tan Buddha. This is the biggest statue of Buddha in the whole of Asia and is made entirely from bronze. Although the statue looks impressive from nearly every angle, most people prefer taking shots from a birds-eye-view.


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Jockey Club Innovation Tower

Designed by the famous architecture and Pritzker award winner Zaha Hadid, this structure resembles an ultramodern spaceship that is ready to take flight. The building has a white interior and the staircases crisscross thus emitting a rather sleek and chic feel thus providing a perfect space for taking artistic photos.


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Yik Cheong Building

Yik Cheong Building is the most outstanding areas for photo taking in Hongkong. It has been featured in popular blockbuster movies like Ghost in the Shell and Transformers: Age of Extinction. The best spot is to stand at the front (middle) with the colorful and old structures as the background. Note that you may even need to “get in the queue”!


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