It is said there are three must-visit beautiful blue cities in the world. One is Jodhpur, located in the central-western part of Rajasthan, India. One is Chefchaouen, in the northwest of Morocco, among the Rif Mountains. And the most famous one is Santorini in Greece, which is the dream honeymoon destination for most girls. Romantic as it is, the cost of traveling all the way to Europe is not that cheap. Luckily, there is a Santorini Park in our nearby country Thailand, which aims to offer a similar amazing experience.

About Santorini Park

Santorini Park is an amusement park in Hua Hin which is a three hour’s drive from Bangkok. Opened in 2014, the theme park has attracted a significant number of visitors with its unique photogenic outdoor entertainment, whitewash theme and architectural style.

There are 5 zones which provide all-encompassing entertainment:
Park Zone: Typical amusement park that contains all your fun rides.
Village Zone: Over 100 boutique style shops selling a good collection of bags, clothes, and gifts.
Rest Area: Restaurants, cafes and convenience stores.
Activity Zone: Open area to host concerts and other live performances.
Weekend Art Market: 3000 square meter  area that both art lovers and handicraft enthusiasts will enjoy.

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 10:00 – 19:00, Sat – Sun 09:00 – 19:00
Location: Phetkasem Road (198 km. post)
Tel: +66 (0)2 434 6921-8
Entrance:150 THB/pax for non-resident, and 50 THB/pax for the resident.

How to Get There

Coming from Bangkok, you can take a minivan from the southern bus terminal with a cost of 180 BAHT. After almost 3 hours’ drive, you will alight at Central Hua Hin clock tower. From there, you can take a taxi which starts at 150 BAHT. Normally people will go for a one day tour which will take you to different attractions including this park. It usually costs 1200 BAHT for two people for the one day tour.

What to Do 

Here is a brief summary of what you can do inside the park

  1. Photo taking – themed architecture and garden
  2. Food – restaurant and cafe
  3. Shopping – various outlets
  4. Entertainment – various rides
  5. Accommodation –  as if live in Santorini!

Hotel booking: link

Our Experience

After we settled in the Devasom Hua Hin Resort, the taxi driver drove us to the Santorini Park. After about a 15-mins drive, a big Ferris wheel in rotating blue and white color with the prominent ‘Santorini Park’ word in the center of it appear in our vision. Yes, we reached.

We first entered the village zone. I was amazed that the zone almost depicts a real Santorini in front of me with all the details, from the classic whitewashed buildings, colorfully painted windows, interesting paintings on the wall, down to stone-paved paths and domed towers. I just cannot wait taking photos with all those wonderful creatures.

The area is mostly sheltered. But do be careful with the birds overhead. They might give you some ‘surprises’ at times!

There is a newly opened Miffy’s Garden. As the name suggested, it is a showcase of Miffy’s interesting life with all family members.

There is a small water park near the Ferry’s wheel. The below photo was taken in an interesting corner where there is a cute blue shark head. Most visitors make fun of it just like us.

After around 1.5 hour exploration, we went into the Miffy’s cafe to get a rest. The cafe is kind of Muji style with plain wooden furniture. Simple as the design is, the drinks are made with interesting details. I love it.

The entrance ticket also comes along with a free ride. You can choose any of the available rides inside the park, although some of them need two vouchers. We came across the merry-go-round near the entrance and it was just like a fairytale scene with all romantic blue architecture around.

If you dream about Santorini or love the chilled-out coastal vibe, don’t miss out this beautiful theme park in Hua Hin!

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