Will it be fun living in a farm with innocent animals and being close to nature every day? Living in this concrete jungle in big modern cities sometimes really make me feel like going back to the countryside and experience farm life. If there is a moment like this, then let’s go and explore the Swiss Sheep Farm in Hua Hin, Thailand.

About Swiss Sheep Farm

Opened in July 2012, it’s a small theme park with animals including but not limited to sheep, goats, horses, ponies, chickens, and bunnies in western-like farm settings. Just like Santorini Park, the Swiss Sheep Farm is one of those trendy, “exotic” places in Hua Hin to attract local and foreign visitors. In addition to photo taking with the adorable farm animals, visitors can enter the sheepfold and feed the sheep with grass, or bottle-feed a calf. There are also a few rides for small children. A few restaurant and drink stalls are available.

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday from 10 am to 7 pm, Saturdays – Sundays from 9 am to 7 pm.
Entrance: 120BHAT
Website: link

How to Get There

Starting from Bangkok, you can take a minivan from the southern bus terminal with a cost of 180 BAHT. After almost 3 hours’ drive, you will alight at Central Hua Hin clock tower. From there, you can take a taxi which starts at 150 BAHT. Normally people will go for a one day tour which will take you to different attractions including Swiss Sheep Farm. It usually costs 1200 BAHT for two people.

Our Experience

We arrived at Swiss Sheep Farm within 5 mins after Santorini Park. It is so easily recognized as everywhere is decorated with the three prominent words ‘Swiss Sheep Farm’.

The park is small and built on flat land without any shelter (so put on more sun block!). We can get an overview of how big it is at the first glimpse. It is like a wonderland completely isolated with the outside world with all colorful and adorable settings. There are meadows, windmill, farm houses and barns against a backdrop of a forested hill,  Milk churns, large bales of hay, farm carts, old water pump, Halloween pumpkins and several 1950’s and 1960’s American trucks add to the farm’s picturesque feel.

In addition to animals ‘protected’ in their ‘house’, you might also be lucky to come across animals (like rabbits, goats etc) around any hidden corner that you might never have thought of.

I love the atmosphere of a farm in a valley filled with the love that surrounds you with warmth, style European country as suggested on their website.

The staff may also walk around and take photos for visitors secretly and surprise you at the exit. Yes, you can buy your photo with frames at 150 BAHT just like the one below.

There is also a 3D museum that can fool your eyes as well.

We took around 1 hour to finish exploring Swiss Sheep Farm. It was a fun experience except that the sun is too aggressive!

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