Markets seem to be pretty common in Bangkok, however, one that stands out most is definitely the Maeklong Railway Market. Maeklong Railway Market, located at the southwest Bangkok, is a traditional old market in Thailand that sells fruits, vegetables, fishes, meat and more. But what makes it different is that the market resides on a train track line where trains will pass directly through at several times of the day.

Maeklong Railway Market is Talat Rom Hoop in Thai

You can get to Maeklong Railway Market by taxi or train. If you are going by train, you can board the 6:45 a.m train from Bangkok’s Wongwian Yai Station on the Maeklong Railway line.

This is how the famous Maeklong Railway Market looks like. It is quite crowded and incredibly narrow! Take a look at the railway track below yourself.

You can find vendors selling a wide variety of items ranging from fruits and vegetables to seafood.

Why not have some elegantly well-sliced pineapples to resist the hot weather?

When a train is about to pass the Maeklong Railway, a warning alarm will be sounded and the vendors will pull back their stalls awnings at lightning speed. Amazingly, the items that the vendor are selling are so well strategically positioned that it will not be crushed by the incoming train. Once the train passed, the vendors will push back the awnings and the business in the market continues as usual if nothing happens. All this happens in just within 4 – 5 minutes.

Train Timings

Below are the timing where the train will pass by Maeklong Railway Market

8.30 a.m., 11.10 a.m., 2.30 p.m. and 5.40 p.m.

Tips on Maeklong Railway Market

  • The entrance of Maeklong Railway Market is super crowded. It is recommended not to camp at the entrance to wait for the train arrival. It will be hard to catch a glimpse.
  • Safety comes first. Stay calm. Though the train is moving slow, be sure not to stand in the middle of the track as the train is arriving to get some perfect selfies or photos.
  • It is also advised by other travelers that you can also arrive early to walk down the track (down the market) as there are fewer people there.
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