Carton King

Can you still remember the days in junior school where we meddle with art & craft using paper & cardboards in art classes? Visiting Carton King Creativity Park (Chinese: 紙箱王創意園區)  in Taichung brings me back to those years. Carton King is a brainchild of Mr Huang Fang Liang (黃芳亮) who conceptualized and created more than hundred over products using only paper. The company holds more than 100 patents and is a pioneer in building a paper art themed tourism park.

With an entrance fee of $NT200, you can embark your journey into the world where everything you see and use is made of paper & cardboard. You will be amazed by how the leftover cardboards you  found in the rubbish collection points can be recycled and coupled with a creative thoughtful designing process to create such masterpieces.

Carton King Zoo

Your first stop upon entering Carton King will be the Carton King Zoo where you can find animals just like what you see in the zoo, except that those are not lively, but paper/cardboard made animals. Look at how lovely the little pandas are below.

Carton King Panda

If you don’t know, these are Grus Japonensis (also known as Red Crowned Crane or Japanese Cranes). They normally symbolize luck and longevity.

Carton King Cranes

Sika deer which is most commonly known as spotted deer.  There aren’t any spots visible on the deer though.

Carton King Deer

A hive with 2 bees. Not a fan of the insect kingdom!

Carton King Bee

Carton King

The exhibits that most impressed me are the display popular landmarks and architectures that are found in the outdoor park. It is quite unbelievable that these products are made by paper & cardboard because of its huge size and foundation.

I will let the photos do the talking.

Carton King
Carton King Pisa Tower
Carton King Effiel Tower
Carton King
Carton King
Carton King Windmill
Carton King Mushroom
Carton King France

Getting to Carton King Creativity Park 紙箱王創意園區

Address: 台中市北屯區東山路二段2巷2號
Ticket Sales: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Opening Hours: 9:00am – 11:00pm
Ticket Fee: $NT200 (Free admission for children below 100cm). Each admission ticket comes with a $NT100 voucher where you can use in souvenir shop and the restaurant.

Carton King Short Video

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