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When you travel, the passport is one of the most important documents that you must carry on you at all times. You don’t want to show up at the airport with your passport damaged or missing. That’s going to cause so many troubles for you. Therefore, investing in a good and sturdy passport holder one thing that a frequent traveler should do.

Nowadays, unlike the past, passport holders come with many multi-purpose functionalities. You can store credit cards, coins, cash, and other small items. In addition, most passport holders are equipped with anti-RFID blocking material and anti-theft features. In this post, we have rounded up the 10 best passport holders to make your travel worry-free and convenient.

Lewis N. Clark  Neck Stash Anti-Theft w/ RFID-Blocking

Lewis N. Clark protects your passport from modern security threats. It is equipped with RFID blocking technology which helps to protect you from electronic pickpocketing and identity theft.

The holder (measures 6×0.15×11) is made of Nylon & Polyester material. It has a travel dry fabric which keeps away moisture and prevents odor. Moreover, the self-repairing zipper and rip-stop Nylon makes it a lightweight yet secure solution for your passport.

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Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch w/ RFID Blocking

Venture 4th is one of the best passport holders with full five-star reviews from customers. Like most modern passport holder, it is built with RFID blocking lining to prevent unauthorized and illegal scans, to ensure your personal identity remains secure and confidential.  Its rip-stop nylon material protects you from external theft & pickpockets. Venture 4th’s stylish design makes it comfortable, lightweight and popular for travelers.

On top of that, it is water resistant as well. The best thing about Venture 4th is its flexible storage. It is equipped with 2 zippers pockets, 1 Velcro closure and an ID window which enables easier security checks.

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Money Belt Travel Wallet Pouch w/ RFID Blocking

Unlike most passport holders which come like a sling bag, this is a belt wallet where you can wear it around your waist. It is built with high tech nano-metal shielding material which blocks RF signal. This prevents your personal identity from unwanted and illegal electronic theft. The water-resistant material also keeps your valuables dry and safe. This belt wallet comes with four pockets which you can use to keep your mobile phone, passport, credit card, cash and more. Rest assured that this belt wallet will prevent moisture buildup and uncomfortable sticky feeling as it is made with 3D ultra-soft breathable mesh at the back. You will also get 2 free unique luggage tags to help you identify your luggage.

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Pocklock Passport Document Holder  w/ RFID Blocking

Pocklock passport holder has room to easily fits up to 4 passports without bending your board pass. The hidden wallet can also help to keep your mobile phone, credit cards, and other valuable items. There are two zipper pockets for coins and keys, and an outside zipper that enables you to stash things out easily and quickly. Like most modern passport holders, it is also equipped with RFID Blocking lining to block unwanted scans. The holder is also well-designed with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap. It is also made thin enough to appear virtually invisible under a layer of clothing which makes it hard to be spotted by pickpockets.

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Winks Travel Neck Wallet Passport Holder w/ RFID Blocking

Winks is a premium traveling pouch made from 210D ripstop water-resistant nylon with RFID blocking technology. With a whopping number of 7 pockets, you have all the flexibility to decide where you want to keep your valuables. There is even a loop for your pen! This passport holder is effective in protecting you from electronic pickpockets by keeping itself hidden undergarments. The breathable moisture wicking mesh pack keeps sweat away and make you comfortable by preventing itchiness.


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Zero Grid Neck Wallet w/RFID Blocking

Zero Grid Neck wallet is a concealed travel pouch and passport holder. It is effective in protecting your valuable and identity from pickpockets. Built for safe international travels, Zero Grid is highly effective in crowded areas like markets, airports, bus stations, trains and more. It is built to be virtually invisible to thieves. In addition, it is constructed using sturdy water-resistant 210D ripstop nylon. There are 3 zippered compartments to store your credits, passport, and cash safely.


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Tarriss Money Belt Waist Stash Passport Holder w/ RFID Blocking

Tarriss offers no-hassle guarantee and lifetime warranty. It uses high technology electromagnetic opaque shielding material (approved by U.S Government) that secures your RFID enabled passports and credit cards. In addition to its security features, Tarriss comes with an adjustable waistband and microfiber backing to provide users with maximum comfortability.

Durability is what Tarris really focus on. The waist bag is made with the high-quality ripstop material.

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FLYMEI Multifunctional Travel Passport Wallet

FLYMEI is a stylish hand-strapped, passport holder/organizer with multifunctional features. It is made of high-density cotton blended fabric with multiple pockets for your phone, credit cards, cash, passport, documents and more. Comes with a detachable hand strap design, it makes you hands-free as you check-in. It is also water-resistant and ensures your valuables will not be damaged when traveling in rain. Measuring at 9 X 1.2 X 5.2. FLYMEI is a cheap, stylish and lightweight travel passport wallet for your needs.

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Villini – Leather US Passport ID Card Holder

Designed and created by a group of European designers, the Villini passport holder is suitable for men and women. It is made of 100% luxury leather and measures 5.5 x 4 x 0.35 which is perfect for U.S passports. There is also a snap button which provides an easy way to close the passport holder. The Villini passport holder is durable and effective in protecting your documents from any dust or damage. The best thing is that there is a 3-year warranty provided for all customers! This is how confident the company is in their product. In short, this is an exquisite and durable product of the highest quality. You can choose between eight different colors.

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Flight 001 Family Organizer

Measuring at 5.8 x 10 x 1, Flight 001 Family Organizer can hold up to 6 passports at once. It comes with 7 interior slips and 6 card slots.

Also, it is made of 100% leather and is ideal for families. If you are the one who always keep passports for your kids or family members, this is a great choice. Comes in 3 different colors (white, red, black)

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