Imagine arriving at your travel destination, only to realize that some of your valuables are missing from your bag. It can be quite disheartening. Sadly, luggage theft or loss during travel is not unusual. Fortunately, there are ways of safeguarding the valuables in your luggage. One such method is to get one of the best TSA approved luggage locks. Even though these locks are neither invincible nor unbreakable, they are capable of deterring thieves. So how do you identify which luggage locks are the best? The answer lies in considering various features.

Features of the best TSA approved luggage locks

  1. Type: decide whether you want a combination lock, the card version, or the keyed variety.
  2. Functionality: check whether the lock can resist external aggression like hammer blows or is difficult to pick.
  3. Longevity: A good luggage lock should be durable and able to survive multiple trips, without jamming, rusting or breaking down.
  4. Easy to operate; the lock should be difficult for an intruder to hack, but easy for you.

With that in thought, here are some of the best TSA approved luggage locks worth considering.

TravelMore TSA approved Travel Combination Cable Lock

If you are looking for the ideal luggage lock for your business and leisure travel, this is arguably it. The device has outstanding security features. For starters, it comes in shades of black and orange. As a result, your bag stands out from other luggage at the baggage claim. Secondly, it has a robust, flexible steel cable, which makes it versatile and ideal for any zippered bag, backpack or luggage.

When it comes to longevity, the locks are resilient and can survive even the harshest trips, thanks to its premium zinc alloy design and engineering. Moreover, since the lock is TSA approved, you do not have to worry about it breaking when the TSA agents open it. You also do not have to worry about losing the key, since it has a three-digit combination. Surprisingly, the lock is pretty easy to use despite having over one thousand possible combinations.

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Forge TSA approved Cable locks

If you need a lock that will not let you down, this forge lock is the product for you. It is one of the most robust luggage locks in the market and comes with an efficient 3-digit combination locking system. Thanks to its alloy body and easy-to-read dials, it is convenient and pretty easy to use. In fact, due to its lever mechanism, you can set up or update your ideal combination codes in a matter of seconds.

The forge locks are also flexible enough to thread through different standard zippers and lock holes. Consequently, you can use them on various containers, such as suitcases, hard cases, gun cases, lockers and so on. With such a lock in place, you can rest easy, knowing that your valuables are safe. To top it up, if the device does not meet your satisfaction, you get a 100% refund guarantee.

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Tarriss TSA Lock with SearchAlert

Imagine a luggage lock that is sturdy, durable, flexible, easy to use, and alerts you when TSA agents rummage through your bag. These are fascinating traits that make the Tarriss lock one of the best TSA approved luggage locks. The gadget has an indicator which turns red from green when the agent opens your lock. Just like the Forge brand, the Tarriss model also has an easy to read three dial combination. Subsequently, you can enjoy your trip without worrying that your valuables are vulnerable to theft, be it at the airport, on the plane or in your hotel.

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Master Lock Padlock

The Master Lock padlock is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor travel. Thanks to its three-dial resettable combination mechanism, you can conveniently use it on your backpacks, briefcases, luggage, and bags. Moreover, the padlock has a durable design comprising of an attractive metal body, and a flexible vinyl braided steel shackle. Its cable is snap proof, while the metallic body has limited risk of malfunctioning or breaking. Since it is TSA approved, you don’t have to worry about the TSA agents damaging it or leaving your valuables exposed after inspection.

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Brinks Solid Brass Lock

If you are searching for a cheap lock that has excellent luggage safety and security benefits, you should try out these beauties from Brinks. Do not let the standard lock design or the fact that the devices are the keyed type fool you. The TSA-approved lock has fantastic salient features. These include a lightweight but durable, tamper-proof solid brass body. The beauty of these padlocks is that they come with a lifetime warranty.

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Pacsafe Prosafe 750

If the prospect of carrying a key or recollecting your combination codes doesn’t excite you, then this luggage lock should. The Prosafe 750 has a unique design, which includes a lock accessible by sliding a coded credit-card-sized key-card. Since the lock is Travel Sentry Approved and offers excellent security, it helps to deter opportunistic thieves.

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Acrodo International Travel lock

Another laudable best TSA approved luggage locks worth mentioning is the Acrodo International combination lock. Even though it is a premium gadget, its features are worth the cost. For starters, it has an all-steel body, meaning it is incredibly durable. It can withstand harsh treatment and abuse for long and has beautiful, easy-to-use programmable combination locks. Additionally, the lock has a striking pop indicator, which lights up when someone opens the lock. If you are looking for a classy lock for your international travel needs, this should suffice.

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UltraTuff Alpine Rivers lock

The UltraTuff lock by Alpine Rivers is another one of the best TSA approved luggage locks. It is durable, functional and affordable. They come in two shades, namely red and black and are easy to set up. You just need a pen or a paper clip to select your preferred three-digits. An additional feature of the lock is the open luggage indicator, which turns red when a TSA agent inspects your luggage. Furthermore, if the agent opens the lock, he or she must re-lock it. Otherwise, the agent’s key won’t come out of the lock.

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Ody Travel gear locks

If you want a luggage lock that strikes a balance between durability, performance, price, and design, give the Ody Travel gear lock a try. This set of TSA-approved luggage locks have an attractive design consisting of adjustable U-clasps. These clasps fit securely on different types of bags, briefcases, lockable safes and so on. Furthermore, they have the combination mechanism which makes opening relatively easy. The dials on the combination are smooth, attractive and durable, with arrows to ensure perfect alignment of digits.

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TravelMore 8 Pack Luggage Locks with keys

A sure way to deter opportunistic thieves is by concealing the fact that you have locked your luggage. If they are unable to locate the lock, it becomes difficult for them to open it. That is one of the benefits that this eight-pack luggage lock from TravelMore offers. Even though the locks comprise of zinc alloy, the bonds do not resemble your typical luggage lock. They have a distinct barrel shape, and at the end of each barrel, there is a locking stem. The stem is extremely flexible and can effortlessly slide or bend through zipper pull holes, making your luggage safe and secure.

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