If you want to take fantastic selfie shots of your solo adventures or group excursions, then getting a Bluetooth selfie stick is the way to go. With the device, you can capture stable, breathtaking images from unique angles. In fact, you will not need to ask a stranger to hold your smartphone to take the photos. But, there are different types of selfie sticks. How do you determine which one is ideal for you? Do you just grab any top-rated device that comes your way? Well, you don’t. You must first know what to look for in a selfie stick.

Here is what you should look for before buying a Bluetooth selfie stick

  • The Mount compatibility or adjustability
    • When shopping for a selfie stick, go for one that attunes your phone’s size, type, and weight. Its mount should be flexible enough to hold your phone horizontally securely. If possible, get one whose clamp swivels and rotates.
  • Total reach and portability
    • Selfie sticks should be extensive enough to accommodate long-distance shots. One that stretches anywhere between 30 to 40 inches is acceptable. Moreover, make sure that the long rod can collapse to a small size that can conveniently fit in your backpack, pocket, or purse.
  • It’s build
    • The best selfie sticks should be lightweight, sturdy and durable to ensure it is comfortable to hold, can support the phone, and can withstand multiple usages respectively.
  • Accessories
    • Considering how technology keeps evolving it is prudent to go for a device that comes with a myriad of versatile attachments. These include flip-lock extensions, mirrors, lanyards, belt clips, and apps.

With those points in mind, here are 10 best Bluetooth selfie sticks worth considering.

Mpow Selfie Stick

If you want a stick that offers a blend of quality features, excellent user reviews, and a pocket-friendly price tag, the Mpow Selfie stick is it. Its full length is 31.5 inches. But it conveniently folds up to 7.1 inches, to comfortably fit into a jeans pocket. Thanks to its inbuilt Bluetooth technology and remote shutter, the Mpow selfie stick is pretty easy to use and connects to any Bluetooth enabled device quickly. It has a wrist strap which enhances the safety of both the rod and your smartphone. Subsequently, you can enjoy taking selfies without worrying about the stick or your phone getting damaged.

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Fugetek FT568

The term professional selfie stick is what comes to mind when I think of the Fugetek FT568. The device is full of features. For starters, it has an impressive 49 inches extended reach, making it the most prolonged and flexible stick that offers a clear view. Secondly, thanks to its integrated new technology, it connects to many devices including the ios10, latest Android versions as well as the GoPro and DSLR cameras. An equally impressive feature is that the stick comes with three mounts. These are the screw mount for securely locking in the phone, the GoPro adapter mount, and the mirror mount, to enable the use of the rear-facing camera.

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Selfie World Cyclone Pro

A pressing concern with most Bluetooth selfie sticks is their high energy consumption. That is a problem that the Selfie World Cyclone Pro efficiently addresses. The rod has an advanced Bluetooth technology, which guarantees incredibly fast connections, compatibility to a broad range of devices, as well as low battery consumption. Additionally, with this stick, it is possible to operate flash and even record video.

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In comparison to Fugetek FT-658, the Spigen selfie stick is exceptionally lightweight. It is also compact and can fold up to 8 inches, to fit in one’s pocket. When you extend it, the stick stretches to 31.5 inches long, and the mount provides a 270-degree viewable area. Thanks to its rubberized mount, your smartphone remains safe and scratch free. Its Bluetooth is rather fast and connects in just under thirty seconds, while the shutter button on the handle facilitates easy photo snapping. Hence, you do not need to worry about missing priceless moments, because you couldn’t set up the camera on time.

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With the capability to stretch up to 50 inches long, the Accmor selfie stick is arguably one of the longest monopods around. Which means that it can also capture a large group of people, road traffic, or even the landscape. You wouldn’t be mistaken to call the Accmor a universal selfie stick too. It is waterproof and compatible with many iPhone and Android models. It comes with a rechargeable Bluetooth remote switch, which renders the conventional countdown timer obsolete.

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Mocreo 360 Selfie Stick

The Mocreo stick introduces the aspect of LED Fill lighting, which guarantees the natural light needed to produce great snaps. At the top of its holder, there is also a mirror, and it can make a three hundred and sixty-degree adjustment. Meaning, you can use both the front and rear camera to take great pictures. The stick is also easily expandable and comes in three glittery color options.

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Foneso Extendable Monopod Selfie Sticks

The Foneso is undoubtedly the best Bluetooth selfie stick for taking blurless shots. It utilizes a combination of the tripod and monopod Bluetooth technology, which makes it quite stable. You only need to put your phone on the stand, then use the Bluetooth remote shutter to adjust the stick to your desired position. But if you opt for the Foneso, be prepared to charge it frequently to enjoy uninterrupted static snaps.

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GoRad Gear

If you are an avid adventurer, who enjoys the outdoors irrespective of the weather, you will love the GoRad Bluetooth selfie stick. It is a durable, waterproof model that can take a beating from the rain, snow or sun. Besides offering outstanding durability qualities, the rod has a versatile mount that fits various GoPro Hero devices. Furthermore, it is lightweight and rust resistant. In fact, it can withstand total immersion in both fresh and saltwater. Which means, you can capture fabulous underwater selfies if you have a water resistant camera.

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Gorilla Gear Complete Selfie Kit

With a name like Gorilla gear, it is not surprising that this selfie stick has enormous capabilities. For starters, it has a sturdy cell phone holder, which makes you feel like you are using a GoPro. The holder is also compatible with a wide array of devices such as smartphones, cameras, camcorders, and action cameras. Lastly, the kit comes with a tripod stand and Bluetooth remote shutter. The stick, however, is not very long, as it only stretches up to 29 inches.

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Volsey Pocket VS1

For those who feel that the conventional selfie sticks are big and clunky, there is something for you. Even though the Volsey Pocket Bluetooth selfie stick stretches to thirty-four and a half inches long, it folds nicely to fit into a tiny purse or pocket. It has an integrated Bluetooth shutter on its handle and is compatible with almost all the smartphones in the market.

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