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3 Days Seoul Itinerary: How to spend 3 days in Seoul

As Asia continues to grow in popularity as a hotspot tourist destination, South Korea’s capital, Seoul is the newest addition to most people’s travel checklist. Being a huge metropolis city where modern skyscrapers and pop culture meets ancient palaces and Buddhist temples, Seoul certainly has a lot to offer visiting tourists. Here, you will find ancient towns and temples lying side by side with trendy neighborhoods and towering skyscrapers. The best part is that the city is so well organized that you only need a few days to discover and fall in love with the city. As a matter of fact, 3 days is enough for you to fully experience the city’s top attractions. To help you get the most out of your 3 days holiday in Seoul, here are a 3 days Seoul itinerary.

Day 1


Royal palaces being some of the most important sights in Seoul, you opt to start your day with the most famous of them, the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Since this palace is vast and usually get very busy, try to arrive earlier and stay there until you start to get hungry. Although there are free guided tours, you can just wander around if tours aren’t your thing. Since Bukchon Hanok Village is just nearby, you can further enhance your experience here by heading to Bukchon-ro. You will get lost admiring this neighborhood’s numerous alleys until lunch time.


Source: Klook / Gyeongbokgung Palace

Bukchon ro

Source: Korea Expose / Bukchon Hanok Village


After a lunch break, you can go all the way to Insadong-gil, the city’s center of creative arts. In this place, you will come across a wide variety of art stores and art galleries as well as several adorable tea shops. While you are in Insadong-gil, the impressive Jogyesa temple will be just a short walk from there. To learn more about the Jogyesa, Jogye Buddhists, and Korean spirituality in general, you should head over to this vast complex. You can stay in this place for a few hours before you continue with your journey to Gwanghwamun Square on foot. This is simply a long and dynamic pedestrian area that will enable you to have breathtaking views of the vast Gyeongbukgung Palace, the Bukhansan National Park, and two giant statues.

Insadong gil

Source: Project for Public Spaces / Insadong-gil

jogyesa temple seoul

Source: The Seoul Guide / Jogyesa temple

The Seoul Guide

Source: The Seoul Guide / Gwanghwamun Square


By now it should be getting dark and the best way to enjoy the night would be to head over to the nearby the relaxing Cheonggyecheon. While here, you can visit Gwanghwanmun Square and Cheonggyecheon Stream, both which feature wide open spaces where many people flock to take epic sunset snaps. You will also find several bars and restaurants lined along the streets between the stream and Jonggak-ro.


Source: Visit Seoul / Cheonggyecheon

Day 2


On the second day, start by hiking the Inwangsan Peak hike which is one of the most famous and easily accessible walks. You will follow the city’s old walls up to a place where you will have an unbeatable view over the whole of Seoul.

DSC 0195

Source: Wanderlust Logs / Inwangsan Peak


After this relatively long hike, you will probably be very hungry. Therefore, you should enter a metro bus, make your way to Jongno-5-ga station, and from there walk to Gwangjang Market. This is a large indoor food market where you will find and try all kinds of Korean specialties. What’s good is that all stalls there have counter-style seating on which you can relax and watch everything that is taking place in the market.

Gwangjang Market

Source: / Gwangjang Market

Late Afternoon and Evening

If you feel that your body can handle another interesting but smaller hike, you can skip the cable car and walk all the way to N-Seoul tower which is located on Namsan Hill. This will not be a very strenuous hike like the first one, but the views along the trail will still be very exciting. Time your reach on the tower’s top with the sunset and see how the sky turns orange as the city’s million neon lights come to life one at a time. After you have fully enjoyed the sunset, you can make your way back down the hill and take a metro bus all the way to Hongik University station. This will take you to the city’s fun University neighborhood which will be a perfect place to end your second day once the sun goes down.


Source: Klook / N Tower, Seoul

Day 3


On the final day of your Seoul 3 days itinerary, you can begin by having a relaxing morning exploring Changdeokgung which is the city’s second Palace. While here, you will get lost admiring the long stretches of beautiful gardens that surround it. From there, you can now start exploring the city’s new structures beginning with the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, one of the greatest architectural doings in the city. Just 15 minutes away you will find the Ihwa Village. Thanks to its artistic flair that was designed to revitalize one of the city’s most ancient and poorest neighborhoods, numerous films get shot here.


Source: Korea Tourism Organization / Changdeokgung

Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Source: ArchDaily / Dongdaemun Design Plaza


From Dongdaemun, you will now have quite a long journey using public transport to Gangnam. Here, you can actually visit some of the country’s biggest entertainment companies and largest underground shopping malls. Also, remember to make a stop at the Kimchi Museum and the famous giant bookstore.

Gangnam Seoul

Source: Wikipedia / Gangnam


To round off your day, you can immerse yourself in the city’s modern-day delights of the Common Ground, back across Han River. The large container collection here creates a little hipster village that is filled with shops, restaurants, and cafes. Its lively atmosphere and unique outdoor seating make it an exciting place to grab some drinks and have dinner as you watch the locals.

common grounds seul

Source: Pheuron Tay / Common Grounds

Seoul is an amazing city with a plethora of ancient sites and things to do for tourists. Alongside its many popular tourist spots, the city also has unforgettable shopping areas and magnificent eating joints. This 3 days Seoul itinerary involves a lot of walking which makes you enjoy the many picturesque streets that are found in between the popular sights. Whether you are a first-time traveler or just planning another trip, you can be sure to have an unforgettable 3-day adventure that would give you memories to cherish for a lifetime.