Extreme cold weather destinations hold some of the most exotic scenes and activities that make for a perfect travel destination. It is understandable why most people would shy away. Despite the freezing cold temperature, one can enjoy a host of different outdoor and indoor activities. However, knowing what to pack for this trip can be a nightmare. The solution then is to identify the most important cold weather gear needed to make your vacation in subzero temperatures a memorable one.

We have picked some of the best gear you require that is paramount to ensuring you make the most of your travel and so you avoid packing bulky stuff that you may not need.

71% Premium Merino Wool Crew Hiking Socks

The key to keeping your entire body warm is to start by making sure your feet are warm. For this, you need a good pair of woolen socks – the Merino wool socks. They are designed for extreme weather conditions and provide a cozy comfortable wear. The cushioned heel and built-in arch support make the socks perfect for wearing with your winter boots or even around the house. They are made available for men, women, and kids.

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ColdPruf Platinum Dual Base Layer Bottom and Top

A base layer is probably the most important cold weather apparel you need if you plan to travel to extremely cold weather locations. It is responsible for maintaining your body temperature by significantly reducing thermal conductivity. The ColdPruf base layer clothing is designed to keep you warm even when you are not active. The top and bottom base layer set are made from 60% Combed Ring Spun cotton that provides exceptional softness, comfort, and durability. True sizing ensures accurate body fit for maximum warmth. This apparel can also act as a pajama for the night.

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Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot

This high-tech snow boot from Kamik is specially made so your feet can stay warm and dry even in extreme cold weather conditions. They feature a removable felt liner and a lace-lock snow collar that prevent cold from getting in. Kamik incorporates its 100 years experience in the business to manufacture a flexible boot that does not restrict movement. The self-cleaning, thick treaded rubber outsole provides traction on slippery icy surfaces. Available in black for both men and women.

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Balaclava Windproof Ski Mask

This hypoallergenic, moisture wicking balaclava made by Outdoor Weather Tech provides the ultimate thermal retention during outdoor cold weather activities. It is unisex and versatile, protecting you from cold, dust and the sun’s UV rays. The premium polyester fibers used to make the balaclava are soft, wrinkle-free and lightweight. The mask can be worn inside a helmet as it is abrasion resistance. You can also wear it as a full face mask, a hat, an open balaclava, a neck gaiter or as a ninja hoodie. One size usually fits most.

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Wantdo Mountain Waterproof Fleece Ski Jacket

This jacket contains a super soft fleece inner lining with cotton padding designed to keep you warm. The waterproof, coated fabric makes the jacket wearable even on rainy and misty days. The jacket’s elastic cuffs, windproof powder skirt, and adjustable hood effectively keep the wind out. The quick-dry material offers a relaxed fit style perfect for any outdoor activity. The multiple pockets offer the much-needed space for carrying valuable items that you need to be kept close to you.

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Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles

These goggles are designed to be worn all day. They feature a classic design combined with a few contemporary improvements that include a double carbo glass lens. This unique lens creates a barrier between you and the elements while providing exceptional optics and a superior seal. The matte black frame fits comfortably and easily over most helmets. The vermillion tint offers a clear vision and protection from harmful UV rays. The anti-fog layer in the inner lens prevents moisture build-up that can impede vision.

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Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves

These gloves are made for both men and women who enjoy outdoor activities such as cycling or hiking. The Mountain Made outdoor gloves rank best among the cold weather gloves category for their performance and quality. It is a multi-purpose apparel that lets you carry out all your activities in the cold while keeping your hands warm and stiff-free. They are made from 88% Polyester with an absorbent and quick drying comfortable lining. To eliminate odor, the gloves go through a process of anti-bacterial treatment. The anti-slip zipper helps adjust fitting for maximum active use.

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Original Turtle Fur Fleece

The Turtle Fur Fleece neck warmer remains a best seller across the world, The double-layer, heavyweight turtle fur fleece used to make the neck warmer provides a soft and warm feel comfortable against your skin. For those who might not want to wear a balaclava, the turtle fur fleece neck warmer is a good option for keeping warm. Perfect for all outdoor cold weather activities.

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Arctix Snow Sports Cargo Pants

These pants feature a high-tech wind and water resistant outer shell that helps you stay warm and dry throughout the day. The roomy leg pockets hold your wallet, keys and more without the risk of losing them. The pants have a reinforced ankle, scuff and hem guards that make it last longer. The boot zippers and zippered hand warming pockets work to keep the cold out.

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Carhartt Fleece 2 in 1 Hat

The Carhartt fleece hat features a pull-down face mask that is perfect for protection against harsh icy winds. It is made of lightweight polyester with a pull-down face mask to keep you warm. The mask is uniquely made of wick sweat and can be tucked up into a hat when not in use. It does not retain any unpleasant odors. It is comfortable and stretchy to fit just about any size head. The hat is soft and does not cause itchiness even on a bald head.

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This list covers some of the most popular and best quality cold weather gear available. And, don’t forget your sunscreen! The need to protect yourself from harmful UV rays is a lifetime commitment, even in extremely cold places.

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