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Handy Guide to Zermatt – The Mountain Village of Records

Zermatt, lying at the foot of the highest mountains in the entire Alpine mountain range, is among the most popular winter resorts globe wide. People come here to explore the majestic Matterhorn, Weisshorn, and Monte Rosa, regardless of the frozenly cold weather during winter. Zermatt, with its comprehensive tourist facilities and car-free eco-friendly principle, is indeed a fairy-tale wonderland you must visit in a lifetime.

Zermatt is most famous for its winter, but how about the summer time?

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Yes, it is as amazing as it is in winter but with a completely different feel. Instead of being coated with snow white, the village is dotted with fresh green during summer. There is vitality ejected everywhere.

Below is our handy guide for you to spend a brief short break in this cute small town during summer time.


There are a lot of mountain view hotels/chalets with affordable prices. Here we highly recommend the Design Focus Hotel near the Glacier Paradise cable car station.
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The rooms are not spacious as expected but still cozy. The hotel is about 1o mins walk to the center and we enjoyed the stay and impressed by its friendly service.

Avg price:300CHF/room
Facilities: swimming pool, restaurants, bars, afternoon team, gym…


This is the least thing you should worry about, as there are a wide variety of restaurants/cuisine you can choose from including MacDonalds!

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One of my favourite restaurant is the one from Hotel Walliserkanne. It’s a two-storey dining area decorated with bright flowers where you can enjoy the lively street view. The food are both appetising and affordable. My favourite is rosttie, the Swiss local food.

Avg price:30CHF/person

What to do in summer

  1. Mountain climbing – take the Gornergrat railway if you are unprofessional climbers like us and want to save more energy to enjoy the amazing mountain view. Remember to buy the ticket in advance. Check this post for more details.
  2. Glacier Paradise – also open during summer but may not provide as many activities as it does in winter.
  3. Relax yourself in the town – it’s commercialised with all sorts of shops and entertainment, but it just has so many interesting gems hidden that you need to spend some time to find them out. Even sitting in a cafe with a cup of smoothie, facing the majestic mountain will be great fun.
  4. Spring by the mountains – with a mild temperature, swimming is still a great entertainment especially when you are surrounded with snow mountains! All you need to do is to bring your charming swimsuit.
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Website: https://www.zermatt.ch/en