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8 Best Instagrammable Places in Cameron Highlands

Strategically positioned on the elevated western part of Pahang state, Cameron Highlands is one of the best places to visit in Malaysia. With numerous townships that are all seated at over 1500 meters high, Cameron Highlands is a perfect place to go and chill at after you have grown tired of the ever hot Kuala Lumpur city. Thanks to its lush hill-scape and endless garden scapes, Cameron Highlands is the ultimate destination for those people who are in love with both nature and photography. In this article, we will look at those areas where you can visit and capture the best views. Here are the 8 Best Instagrammable places in Cameron Highlands!

The Tea Plantation

If you find the idea of posing for a snap standing in the middle of a sea of tea plantations intriguing then this is where to head over to. After the British realized that the area had a very cool climate that was ideal for tea planting, they embarked on developing it into being a vast jungle of tea plantation. Today, this area is by far and large the country’s biggest tea-planting area. For the best shots, you can head over to the Boh Tea Plantation where you will even find free guided tours.


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The Cactus Valley

Located just below the immense Big Red Strawberry Farm is where you will find the scenic Cactus Valley. Before you set out for the journey, be fully prepared to walk on countless small stairs which will obviously make your whole trip there quite a hike. Even if you don’t love gardening, you will agree that the cacti collection here is quite fascinating and worth posing for photos. Unless you are very photogenic, it should take you around 1 hour to complete your visit here.


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Cameron Lavender Garden

When in Malaysia, you will quickly realize that lavenders’ are quite rare in this region. In fact, this farm is the latest addition to the areas long list of attractions and this is what makes this garden to be so valued by both the locals and tourists. However, if you come from one of those world destinations where the plants are common, you will most likely find the garden to be seemingly smaller. Regardless of this, it still makes for a wonderful place to take some crazy shots as you admire the lavender blooms and even many other colorful flowers.


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Big Red Strawberry Farm

Unlike most parts of the country, you will find this region to be the only one that is able to grow strawberries in all seasons of the year. The area also houses some of the biggest and most stunning strawberries farms in the region. For amazing snaps, you can head over to the Big Red Strawberry Farm which is one of the best all-year-round strawberry farms in the region.


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Time Tunnel Local Museum

When it comes to history, Cameron Highlands is where you will come across the most remarkable museum in the entire country. Apart from being the best place to come and experience the area’s history, this museum also houses several unique props that you can pose with for intriguing photo sessions. Currently, the museum features over 1,000 memorabilia, artifacts, and photographs.


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Cameron Highland Butterfly Farm

Being one of the oldest attractions in the region, this farm has grown to hold the most diverse collection of butterflies in the country. Apart from the jaw-dropping collection of flying butterflies, you will also find significant variants of insects including mantids and beetles fully displayed inside large aquariums.


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Mossy Forest

While not very many people know of this fantasy-like attraction, it is surprisingly one of the few spots with unrivaled beauty. This place is just a straightforward habitat which houses a wide range of exotic plants like ferns and pitcher plants. The large area carpeted by a very thick, good-looking layer of moss will give you an unrivaled backdrop for your Instagram snaps.


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Mount Brinchang

Being one of the highest areas in Cameron Highlands, this mountain is without a doubt the best place to turn to for panoramic views of the vast Cameron Highlands. In fact, the area boasts of being Malaysia’s highest point that can be accessed by a car. To get to the peak of the mountain, one is forced to drive along a road that winds around the mountain which apparently adds to the fun in the area.


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