Handy Guide For Your Short Trip to Yvoire – The Best-looking French Town

“Pearl of Lake Geneva” (la Perle du Lac Léman), the petite fortified town Yvoire is called town of stone (because of the stone houses), one of the most beautiful villages in France and has been a 4-flower Village Fleuri since the 1950s. Situated on the southern shore of Lake Geneva, Yvoire is accessible by a passenger ferry from Nyon, several stations away from the Olympic city Lausanne.

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700 years of History, beautiful floral display, the ramparts, the fortified gates and the impressive castle of the 14th century – will you resist the temptation of this amazing Medieval town?

Here is our handy guide for you to spend a wonderful half day!


Accessible from Lausanne, Genève, Nyon and Évian.

Our route:
30mins train from Lausanne–>Nyon
15 mins walk down to the port
30 mins ferry to the town



The ferry is free for Swiss Travel Pass holder. 20chf-50chf depending on the ticket type.
No ticketing for the town.

What to do

  1. Go shopping! There are great many elaborate shops selling various merchandise ranging from handicrafts to souvenirs.
  2. Cafe hopping! Enjoy a tranquil afternoon tea in one of the medieval style cafe with a floral settings.
  3. Photo taking! Every narrow cobblestone street is very much photogenic!
  4. Relax yourself by the Lake Geneve – with ducks/swans playing around you.
  5. Garden of the Five Senses (Jardin des Cinq Sens), a ‘remarkable garden’ to discover with your 5 senses wide awake – admission is €10.
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Other tips

  1. The town is small, 30mins – 60 mins is enough to walk over all the streets
  2. Remember to bring euros and the shops do not accept Swiss francs
  3. Remember to apply Schengen visa if applicable
  4. Ferry has timetable – watch out for the announcement by the port and pier to board