You might have noticed the rows of trees decorated in numerous red dots in Orchard, or visited the dotty concept store of Louis Vuitton in the past years. Yes, they are all artwork inspired by the famous Japnese pop artist named Yayoi Kusama. From 9 June to 3 September 2017, the dazzling exhibition featuring paintings, sculptures, photographs, and installations will be shown in National Gallery Singapore.

About the Exhibition

Date: 09 Jun 2017 – 03 Sep 2017
Venue: City Hall Wing, Level 3, Singtel Special Exhibition Gallery A, B, C, H
Tickets:$15 (Singaporeans/PRs) / $25 (Non-Singaporeans)
About the Exhibition: This exhibition is a collaboration between National Gallery Singapore and Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia.
Tips: Please book online in advance, the ticket queue on the spot is very long. Most of the artworks are allowed for photo taking but do pay attention to the sign board where it is said photo taking is forbidden.
You can find more info here

About the Artist

Yayoi Kusama, the Japanese avant garde, is one of the world’s most influential artists who still lives today in Japan. Winning admirers around the world, she is best known for her signature use of polka dots as patterns and textures. Apparently, Kusama’s works have been influenced by her nightmarish hallucinations and psychological trauma when she was young. It is said that she was born in a problematic family where her father had affairs and her mother never appreciated her artworks. She has been suffering from hallucinations since young and claimed that animals would talk to her now and then. As what she said, “if it were not for art, I would have killed myself long ago”. In some sense according to her, it is exactly those mental difficulties that “give her a generating and inspiring force for art”. Even nowaday at the age of 88, she never stopped paintings.

Don’t worry, you will learn more stories about her during the exhibition.

Our Exhibition Tour

Upon entering the museum, visitors will be welcomed by the famous dots on the huge balloons. Dots Obsession.

Mirrors and Infinity where visitors can see the intense repetition of themselves.

I would say this exhibition is not for children. Left – right: Woman’s castle. My Bleeding heart.

Left to right: Red flowers. Sex obsession. Yellow pollen.

There is an infinity mirror room called Infinity Mirrored Room-Gleaming Lights of the Souls in this hall. Due to the number of visitors, each session only allows 4 people to go in and lasts only 20 seconds, so it’s recommended to take a video inside the room.

In other exhibition rooms, there will also be infinity mirror rooms with intricate nets, dots and pumpkin motifs inside.

I Want To Love on The Festival Night

The Spirits of the Pumpkins Descended into the Heavens.

For girls who loves photo taking, I guess this is the most popular exhibition room. With All My Love For The Tulips, I Pray Forever

Yayoi Kusama’s 1966 installation Narcissus Garden recreated inside the City Hall Chamber.

Sculpture from My Eternal Soul series.

Inside the room for Love Forever series.

The Pumpkin paintings It will take around 2 hours to finish all four sections. Book online now and get inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s Art!

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