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Like most people, I used to prefer big hotel chains over boutique hotels in the past when I travel. This may be because I have this “impression” that bigger hotel chains offer better service and room quality. I am wrong. If you have this same mentality as I was, time to wake up.

After I started traveling with Nicole, I fall in love with boutique hotels. Nicole, unlike me, prefers staying in boutique hotels. Those impression that I once had on boutique hotels are totally wrong. The boutique hotel is a category that has been growing rapidly over the years. Travelers, especially Millenials, prefer staying in a boutique hotel nowadays. Because of this growing segment of the boutique hotel business, big hotel chains like Mariott, Hilton and more started to build boutique hotels of their own too. Well, follow the preferences of the consumers and you will be good.

Nowadays, when we travel, boutique hotels are always our first booking choice. Well, you must be really curious now why you should choose boutique hotels over hotel chains now. Coming from a guy who switched his preferences from hotel chain to boutique hotel, let me shed some light on why I think you should choose boutique hotels on your next trip.

1. Local Environment

Regardless of which city you travel to, it is no doubt that boutique hotels can offer you a better local experience. Believe me, you feel more blended into the local community because of the environment and the people you can mingle with. When you travel, the most important thing is not to take photos on Instagram, but to really experience the local culture.

2. More Luxurious

Yes, I am not joking. Staying in a boutique hotel feels more luxurious than staying in a hotel chain (standard stay, not referring to big suites or VIP room etc). You won’t get monotone rooms! Most boutique hotels focus on a specific experience rather than pure accommodation.

3. Personalized Service

The thing I really like about boutique stay is that it kind of feel really cozy. In contrast to big hotel chains which have thousands of guests, the guests in the boutique hotel are a lot lesser and thus, you tend to get more specialized and personalized service & care. Who doesn’t like personalization?

4. Newer Property

Unlike some big hotels that have existed for years, most boutique hotels tend to be newer or more regularly renovated.

5. Better Interior Design

Comparing the interior design between a big hotel or a boutique hotel, I will say I find that most of the boutique hotel I stayed in tend to have a better interior design and concept. Did you ever see a big hotel chain offering something like a “fairytale” theme for its room? Of course, this does not apply to all, depending on which hotel you booked.

6. Unique Theme & Style

The best thing is that each boutique hotel normally comes with a unique theme and style. If you love to take photos or “Instagram”, staying in a boutique hotel is definitely more Instagram-worthy.

7. Better Support

Traveling to a new city may be a little overwhelming for some. Imagine yourself in this new city without knowing anyone. What happens if you encounter something bad? In my own experience, boutique hotels offer better support & service. On top of accommodation, you actually get reliable local support, from local people. Don’t know where to eat or shop? Can’t find a place? Just ask the owner or staff on duty.

8. Make Friends

If you enjoy making friends with locals, staying in a boutique hotel is definitely better. Unlike big hotels, boutique hotel (except those owned by hotel chains) is normally run by local people. Chances are, you may most likely meet the owner during your stay. This is a great opportunity to get to know each other. It feels great to make a new friend on every travel right?

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