Vietnam is one of the most beautiful and cultural riched countries that you can find in South East Asia. When I think about Vietnam, I see beautiful beaches, green and lush mountains, golden Buddhist shrines, and not to forget those magnificent ancient structural buildings. When pertaining to shopping in Vietnam, people love this place because, in most shopping scenarios, you’ll be able to bargain for prices aggressively and get your items real cheap. Does this sound like your cup of tea? Nope, in case you are wondering, this post is not to teach you how to bargain, however… In this post, I want to share some ideas on what to buy in Vietnam on your next Vietnam trip.

Ao Dai (Traditional Dress)

Do you know that Ao Dai (as pronounced as ow yai) is one of the most beautiful traditional dress on the world? It is said that every Vietnamese girl will at least has 1 Ao Dai in her wardrobe. Personally, I feel that Ao Dai symbolizes elegance, beauty, and gracefulness of a lady perfectly. If you are a girl, what could be a better souvenir to buy back apart from Ao Dai? You can easily buy Ao Dai in fabrics shop in Ho Chi Minh City. There is also a Soai Kinh Lam market which only sells fabrics items. Don’t forget your bargaining skills!

Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee (cà phê đá or cafe da) is one of the beverage you must try when you visit the country. With adaptations like adding white condensed milk, yogurt, egg yolks… this is indeed uniquely Vietnam. If you love coffee, you must then visit Trieu Viet Vuong in Hanoi. This street is known to have a lot of cafes. To buy back some coffee beans, look out for brands like Trung Nguyen or Highland.

Silk Products

In Vietnam, silk was so valuable in the past that it was in fact traded as a currency. As you guessed, in the old times, silk is only available to noble families as it is considered a luxurious item. Today, the best places to buy silk will be Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hoi An. If you are visiting Hanoi and serious about buying silk, drop by Hang Gai Street which is also known as the silk street. Here, you can find reputable shops like Le Minh (since 1954) which sells authentic silk.


Conical Hats

Conical hats are also most commonly known as Asian Rice Hats and it is normally strapped on the head using a silk cloth. The hat is normally handcrafted using bamboo and straw as the main material. Using a conical hat is a great way to get protection from the sunlight! You can consider buying one back as a souvenir though it may not be of much use unless you work under the sun.

Hand Embroidered Items

Hanoi is one of the best places to buy high-quality hand embroidered items. You got to admit that Vietnamese people are really skilled at hand embroidery craft. You can find items like bedsheets, quilts, pillowcases, napkins, placemats, cosmetic bags, lingeries, nightdresses, and so much more – all hand embroidered. Some of the best places to shop for hand embroidered items are Tan My Designs, Ngoc Van or Chi Vang store.


Snake Wine

Snake wine is traditionally made by infusing the snake with rice wine or grain alcohol. It’s quite disgusting for me though as I really hate snakes… This is without scientific claim, but it was widely spread that drinking snake wine can enhance your virility and can improve hair loss etc. But if you ask me, I will not 100% trust it. Snake wine does not originate from Vietnam though, the roots can be dated back to China’s Western Zhou dynasty.


Guoc Moc (Clogs)

Guoc Moc is a wooden clog that has deep cultural meaning for Vietnamese people. It is common to see men and women from rural areas wearing clogs which are made from bamboo roots attending festivals or visiting families. Ladies wearing Ao Dai will also normally don with a pair of clogs.

Do Paper Products

Do paper is being used by Vietnamese on folk arts for centuries. You can buy do paper products while taking a stroll along Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Do Paper Products like postcards, notebooks or stationery sets can make a perfect gift for your friends who are into handicrafts.

Source: ZO project’s official FB

Sand Paintings

Vietnamese sand paintings are founded by Mrs. Y Lan who lives in Saigon in 1997. Basically, as the name suggests, it is painting made using sand collected all around Vietnam. These sands paintings are drawn by pouring colorful sand in glassware to create beautiful pictures. Amazing right? This is a great souvenir to bring back as home decor!


Silk Fans

These Vietnamese silk fans are made using bamboo and silk, and normally has designs of the landscape of Vietnam. They are normally handmade and quite durable. This can be a great souvenir which showcases the charms of Vietnam.


SPA – Massage

The service price is very reasonable and there is full of the promotional programs for the woman. Even when you have no got a high salary, you also are confident to choose Now spa to take the special offer with unchanging price.

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