I love traveling and photography because I fear one day that I will just disappear without any good memories. What is my purpose of travel? I want to leave some evidence of my existence to this world by noting down the roads I have walked and scenery I have seen.

Many years ago, ancient people in China has mentioned that

“Read a million books and travel a million miles”.

Although at that time, the world is not as integrated as it is now, people are clearly aware that reading and traveling are so essential that can bring oneself a completely new world. Now, with an improved living standard, traveling abroad has become an affordable thing for most families. Looking around the internet, an increasing number of posts spring and encourage people to travel around the world. They say “Giving yourself a long vacation is better than buying an LV”. They say “Either your body or your soul should be a way to a destination”. They also say “Travel brings power and loves back into your life.” It all sounds like traveling is such a sacred and exalted thing. And thus, if you are still struggling with your overloaded work or pursuing a life, you are seen as a loser in some sense.photo_2014_05_30_76bfbfb8ecca9c8710ff27c3b1888677

So we kept asking us what is the meaning of travel? Why are we so enthusiastic about it? I guess the discussion about this is as heated as our discussion of the classical philosophy problem – “Who am I?”,”Where am I from?” and “Where will I go?”. However, why we all bother to impose a meaning on such a trivial thing? After all,  setting aside your work, putting on a backpack and going to a place you like, is no more complicated than cooking a dinner.

photo_2013_12_26_135d5e7aa79da5c5686510ef6159b448For me, I started my journey since junior high school. At the very beginning, traveling for me is just a way to relax, to experience a life besides studying. Afterwards, with my passport getting chopped with more and more countries, I have seen many amazing sceneries while at the same time I met many inspiring people. I have experienced the beautiful summer in Australia when people living in the Northern Hemisphere are still confronting the piercingly cold winter. I have swum in a jelly blue ocean with fishes playing around me in the Maldives. I have also traveled to Mui Ne, a small fish village in Vietnam where people live a slow-paced life with great satisfaction. There are just more and more enlightening moments making me realize that life is manifold. Just as Anna Quindlen said,

“The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.”

photo_2015_04_07_a7690ff267c33b85127bb13e2b8afc3dNo matter if you are a wandering poet or a hardcore developer staying at home, as long as you live with a passionate heart, life is never wasted.

Interestingly, many of you may not have known this, but traveling can too have certain health benefits as well and this is even backed by science! Lowering stress level, keeping mind sharp, improved immunity and so much more… If you are keen, check out 25 science-backed health benefits of traveling.

I know traveling might have different meanings to different people, either being able to do anything anytime of the day, any day of the week or discover a true self. But now, if you are asking me what is the meaning of travel, I would have nothing to say. However, if I really need to give an answer, I will say “I enjoy it”. This answer is more than enough to do everything in my life. Believe me, most of the time, we don’t need to think too much or find a rhetoric excuse before we do a thing such as traveling to a place on the other side of the world. The only thing we need to do is to follow the direction of our hearts, and of course embark a journey with our parents, beloved or friends.

Saying this,  I do not mean to encourage everyone to give up your corporate work and get on a trip immediately.

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.(Seth Godin)”.

Nevertheless, who wants a life with nothing worth remembering?

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