Equarius Hotel Sentosa: Wedding Solemnization

Yes… We got married…

After a 5-year long relationship, we finally become a family of each other. For me, I have always dreamt of having a beautiful minimalist wedding that gathers all my closest friends and families on a verdant lawn. I am so glad that we finalized our solemnization venue at Equarius hotel. Are you looking to hold your solemnization at Equarius too? If you are, please continue reading below on our solemnization experience.

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Overall Solemnization Package

This is the solemnization package that we’ve got from Equarius.

  • 80 people lunch buffet at the Saffron dining hall.
  • 8 dining hall table centrepiece (one for every 10 people).
  • VIP Glass Pavilion provided for the tea ceremony.
  • ROM outdoor seating arrangement with fresh floral arch and simple decoration of chairs.
  • One night honeymoon suite.

The Reception

Guests are informed to come at 10:30 am as the cocktail session will begin at that time until 11:00 am when ROM will promptly start. The hotel also provides us with 3 cocktail tables and a free flow of soft drinks. We set up our reception table at the entry of the lawn. Although tables are provided by the hotel, we designed and set up the reception table. This is exactly what I like most :). I drafted the layout plan long before and asked several of our closet friends for help early on the day.

Below is the final product. Thanks, @Amos if you see this. 🙂

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Most of the props are bought from Taobao (China) and delivered to Singapore weeks before our event. Of course, this is definitely much cheaper than renting in Singapore locally. Besides, these items can be reused for the decoration of my new house too. Whenever a guest comes, my photographer will take an Instax photo of them and hang it on the wooden stall using a cute heart-shaped clip. We placed our wedding photo frames and albums on the table, and our big wedding photo poster beside. The day was really sunny but everything looks perfect just like the way I imagined. Great!

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ROM Solemnization

Equarius Hotel is most famous for its beautiful spiral seating arrangement on the lawn, but we decided to opt for the traditional theatre seating arrangement for better photo-taking shots. Just like the reception table, I also put some thoughts on how the seating arrangement should look like. I customized the floral arch with a round white wooden signboard engraved with our names together. The golden metal stands sit on the two sides of the floral arc perfectly make the scene feels more elegant. I also ordered white and golden helium balloons in advance. But nevertheless, balloons are not cheap in Singapore at all! – It costs around 2+ dollars per balloon on average. The quality though is below my expectation as the balloon texture is too thin and the color is not as bright as I wanted. With the unexpected hot temperature on the day, several balloons also burst even before our solemnization starts.

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After our solemnization finished, guests are invited to the Saffron dining hall where the lunch buffet will be served. In order to achieve a more gardening feel for our dining table, I decided to decorate the table with a long trail of ivy vines with white flowers. On the VIP table, there are also 6 candle-lit stands which make the atmosphere cozier.

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I am so glad that our close friends and families make time to attend our wedding and shared this important life event with us. No matter how fancy the wedding is, what’s most important is to share and pass on the happiness. Thank you all and I will remember this day (22/7/2018) in a lifetime.

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