christ church

If I remembered clearly, my first visit to this historic state was during a school excursion when I was 8 years old. Since then, 20 years had passed, but I could still remember vividly some of the places I been to… like the “red building” – Christ Church.

Melaka means Malacca in Bahasa Malaysia (local language)

Being the first contact point of the colonial forces with Malaysia, Malacca is a place rich with heritage & cultural buildings, landmarks and colonial structures. The imprints left behind by the British, Dutch and Portuguese forces has shaped Malacca into a UNESCO heritage site that attracts tourists worldwide.

We booked our tour bus to Malacca and we are on our way for our weekend culture & heritage getaway!

Check In Hotel – Hatten Hotel

After a 3+ hours bus journey from Singapore, we reached our hotel – Hatten Hotel. We booked this hotel as it is located conveniently near to the attractions.

hatten hotel

hatten hotel

We quickly check-in the hotel and went for our first lunch in Malacca. Here is how our room looks like if you are interested.

hatten hotel room

The hotel staff recommended us to try this restaurant called Makko Nyonya Restaurant which is just a 3 minutes walk from Hatten Hotel. The standard and quality of food are good. Definitely recommending this Nyonya restaurant to anyone who visits Malacca!

makko restaurant malacca

After re-energizing ourselves with the Nyonya lunch, we started our exploration of Malacca. The good thing is that all the attractions are within walkable distance.

A’Famosa Fort

Also known as Porta De Santiago, A’Famosa Fort is built in 1511 and originally constructed by Alfonso de Albuquerque (the guy who lead the invasion on Malacca Sultanate). Located on the hillside, A’Famosa Fort is a great sightseeing destination and good photo stop for tourists!

A’Famosa Fort

St. Paul’s Church

St. Paul’s Church is located at the summit of the St Paul’s Hill. After climbing up a steep flight of stairs, we finally reach the summit. You can have great scenic views of Malacca at St Paul’s Hill and there are buskers and stalls selling souvenirs.

St. Paul’s Church

St. Paul’s Church

Christ Church

The “red” building that left a deep impression on me. Christ Church is built by the Dutch when they took over Malacca from the Portuguese. It is built in 1753 to celebrate 100 years of Dutch Occupation and also to built another place of worship. This place was pretty crowded with tourists as it is one of Malacca’s most defining structures.

christ church

This is Queen Victoria’s Fountain – situated in the middle of Dutch Square. It was built in 1904 by the Melaka people in memory of Queen Victoria Regina.

christ church

christ church road sign

Taming Sari Tower

Taming Sari Tower is the first and only gyro tower in Malaysia currently. It measures 110m in height and offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the whole of Malacca town. We only stop by to take the photo of the tower.

Gyro tower is a revolving observation tower with a vertical moving platform

tami sari

Jonker Street

My favorite place in Malacca is the Jonker Street. Jonker Street is located in the center street of Chinatown. Here, you can find lots of fashion, craft, food outlets selling almost anything. It feels a lot like the night market in Taiwan.

jonker street

When you are in Jonker Street, you must try the famous chicken rice ball stall called Chung Wah. Just look at the queue! Note that it is selling out so fast that they even have to turn away customers. So, be early to avoid disappointment.

queue for chicken rice ball

We are traveling with my parents and aunts so we can’t afford to queue for long hours under the hot sun. We tried this restaurant called Gu Cheng Chicken Rice instead. We regretted the decision later on.

gucheng chicken rice

Though it is my first time eating chicken rice balls, it does’nt taste impressive for me.

gu cheng chicken rice ball

Next, it’s dessert time in Jonker 88. Look at the queue! One lesson we learnt is that long queues == good food.

jonker 88

After a long wait, we finally tasted the famous chendol from Jonker 88. Super refreshing in a hot weather.

In Jonker street, you can see many cafes and restaurants along the street. Cafe hoppers will love this place.

If you are tired, just walk into one of this cafe for a short coffee break and have some nice waffles or cakes.

How can you resist grilled squid too? With all the photos on the signboard, this looks popular too. But the price is a bit steep.

Melaka River

By walking along quayside road near Melaka River, you can see this very big ship. This is the Maritime Museum of Malacca.

This ship is a replica of Flora De La Mar (A Portuguese ship which sank on 26th January 1512)

This replica measures 34 meters in height and 8 meters in width and is built by the Government of Malacca to remind people of the importance of Malacca as a trading harbor.

Taking a stroll along the riverbank is a great way to spend your evening in Melaka as well.

Last by not least, if you miss A & W root beer float and curly fries, you can find one in Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall in Malacca.

We ended the day by dropping by Nadeje Mille Crepe at Mahkota Parade to buy back some Mille Crepes.

Nadeje Mille Crepe is quite popular among tourists and locals and is highly recommended by bloggers as well.

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