As somebody who travels frequently, we absolutely agree and strongly recommend that you should get a travel insurance before every trip. Believe me, it really sucks when shit like this happens: you missed your flight or the airline mishandled your luggage. We tried it, experienced it and regretted it. At times like this, having a travel insurance is your savior. A travel coverage is extremely important to ensure your travel is well protected.

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What is a travel insurance?

A travel insurance is a product that is designed to help people cover losses or costs during an unexpected event that may happen when traveling.

Why is travel coverage important?

It is important because it is used to protect you against liabilities which may happen when you travel. Below are some examples of liabilities.

  • Theft (Loss of money, wallet, passport etc).
  • Flight delay or cancellation.
  • Accidents or unexpected health risks.
  • Terrorism.

The different types of travel insurance

There are several types of travel insurance and it is important to buy one that suits your needs well.

  • Single Trip – Cover a specific single trip to & from your embarkment destination.
  • Annual Multi-Trip –  Cover trips to & from your embarkment destination. You can travel around a region or worldwide. Fees may depend on the destinations.
  • Individual – Cover you or one other person.
  • Family – Cover your family members.
  • Group – If you have a group of people (5 pax or more), buying a group plan may be more worth it.

Choosing a travel insurance provider

Choosing a provider may be hard and time-consuming, but this is a necessary process to ensure a worry-free travel.

If you are based in Singapore, to help you do your research better, here are some of the best and most reliable insurance companies in Singapore. You can consider buying your travel insurance with these providers on your next trip. However, be sure to browse and compare the different features and find a plan that is most suitable for your needs.

NTUC Income Travel Insurance

NTUC Income offers coverage against travel inconveniences and medical expenses. You can choose a standard classic plan for basic coverage, deluxe and preferred plan for higher coverage. If you want to cover for your pre-medical conditions, you can opt for one of the 3 Enhanced PreX plans.

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MSIG Travel Insurance

MSIG offers a TravelEasy plan for travelers. There is a range of covers available fo a single trip or annual multi-trips. Groups of 6 or more people can also enjoy a discount of 15% under standard and elite plan.

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DBS/POSB Travel Insurance

DBS offers a TravellerShield plan which is underwritten by MSIG Insurance. You can get immediate coverage with premiums starting from just S$17.25. If you are engaging in adventurous activities overseas, you can get coverage for bungee jumping, skiing, scuba diving and more under their Premier and Platinum Plans

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OCBC Travel Insurance

OCBC Explorer consists of Starter, Essential & Ulitmate plans. There are also 4 optional add-ons that you can choose from. This includes sports equipment cover, top up covers for laptops, tablets under baggage loss, rental vehicle excess and home contents.

*Note In July 2017, OCBC has transferred its life insurance business to The Great Eastern Life.

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UOB Travel Insurance

UOB Insure and Travel plan to allow travelers to travel from countryside to cityscape, at ease. Protection (Up to $15k) starts before you set off, during and even after your trip.

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Citibank Travel Insurance

Citi Travel Insurances allows you to travel happily with an absolute peace of mind. Citibank also frequently launch promotions for their travel insurance plans (Up to 50% off).

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Aviva Travel Insurance

Aviva offers a comprehensive list of coverage like single/multi-trips, travel assistance helpline, travel claims and more. Even better, you can get a travel insurance quote in less than 30 seconds. Faster than priority boarding.

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FWD Travel Insurance

FWD differentiates by having unlimited medical evacuation, sports equipment protection, haze delay coverage. There is also a click to claim process.

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Sompo Travel Insurance

Sompo TravelJoy is great if you are traveling to Japan. There is a Go Japan! tailored plan that provides cashless services, free translation services over the phone. On top of that, there is an alternative accommodation arrangement if your pre-booked accommodation is canceled after your trip commenced.

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Hong Leong Travel Insurance

HL Assurance offers a Travel Protect360 plan that provides global protection, comprehensive coverage, and extraordinary customer service.

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Etiqa ePROTECT travel packs away your worries by offering added travel protection. You can also get a 24-hour of free worldwide emergency travel support (Allianz Global Assistance), trip cancellation and loss of deposit (Up to $15,000) and more.

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AIA Travel Insurance

AIA Around The World Plus offers comprehensive benefits even before you set off and with protection that lasts until after you return.

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AIG Travel Guard

AIG travel guard provides you a 24-hours worldwide assistance. With their plans, you can gain 24/7 access to their dedicated team of staff, doctors, nurses and security personnel. The travel guard plan is available for travelers of all ages, with no age limit.

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Tokio Marine Travel Insurance

TM Xplora has just two simple and easy to understand insurance plan. No long winded features or complex coverage terms, just classic & premier.

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The list above is updated as at 1 July 2017. If you know of another travel insurance provider that you feel should be included, do feel free to contact our team.