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Losing valuables like money, credit cards, and passports when traveling is a terrifying experience. Not only does it interfere with your plans, but it is upsetting since you neither have cash nor your travel documents. At such a time you cannot help but wonder whether it fell in the cab, someone nipped it at the crowded spot, or you forgot it in your hotel room. However, despite all your frantic efforts to recover them, it eventually dawns on you that your precious items are gone.

Ironically there are practical measures that you can use to avoid such unpleasant travel experiences. For starters, you must have sufficient background information about the safety of the area you intend to visit. Next, you should be vigilant and conscious of your surroundings when traveling, and importantly, invest in a secure travel belt wallet.

So, what to consider when shopping for the best travel belt wallet?

What do you want to secure?

Travel belts come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Go for one that will accommodate all the items you wish to safeguard during your travel. For instance, if you are interested in securing just your ID, credit cards and a little emergency cash, a small-sized belt will suffice. However, if you wish to include more items such as your passport, smartphone, travel documents and so on, it is best to go for a belt that has several compartments or pockets.

Your travel activities

Since you will be wearing the belt during your trip, it is in your best interest to buy a belt suited to the kind of events you plan to do. For instance, whether it is hiking, cycling, running, boat riding, or any other sport, the belt should not feel uncomfortable.

The material construction

The best travel belt wallet should keep both you and your items safe, irrespective of how long you wear it or the activities you do. For instance, it should be water resistant to keep the documents safe, and have anti-microbial properties to prevent it from smelling funny.

Level of discretion

The effectiveness of a belt wallet lies in its ability to remain inconspicuous. Hence look for one that will stay hidden and comfortable.

Extra features

Travel belt wallets keep on changing. Currently, you can find belts that are completely waterproof, have hidden pockets, insurance cover, and the RFID blocking capability.

With these considerations in mind, let’s find out what are the best travel belts wallets in 2018.

Alpha Keeper

The simple look of the Alpha Keeper should not make you overlook it. It is undoubtedly the best-selling travel belt wallet thanks to its fantastic safety, security and tasty features. For starters, the pouch boasts of state of the art RFID technology comprising of a three blocking layer construction, an aluminum zipper for dodging metal detectors, and seven RFID blocking protected sleeves. It is waterproof, it has several hidden pockets, and is spacious enough to conceal your valuables. Lastly, the belt comes in multiple colors and at an affordable price.

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Peak Travel

If your primary focus is ultimate security and protection, look no further than the Peak Travel belt wallet. It has a solid construction comprising of a 210 denier waterproof nylon, premium YKK zippers, and two pockets for the organization and safe storage of your valuables. Unlike the Alpha Keeper, the Peak Travel’s RFID protection is on the belt’s fabric. Which means, everything inside the bags is safe. Equally attractive features of the Peak Travel Gear is that it comes with a two-hundred and fifty-dollar theft insurance policy, and ReturnMe lost & found decals.

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Expert Travel

Comfort and simplicity are the terms that come to mind when thinking of the Expert Travel Premium money belt. It does not itch or smother the skin, and it is adjustable thanks to its elastic waistband. The premium belt is also extremely lightweight, and spacious enough to satisfy your storage and security demands. Its design includes two RFID block protection sleeves, and two zippered pockets large enough to conceal the standard size smartphone. The belt comes with a money back guarantee, and in case someone steals your valuables from the bag, the manufacturer gives you a five-hundred-dollar theft reimbursement.

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EazyMate Fashion Running Belt

In case your travel plans involve plenty of sporting adventure, you will love the EazyMate fashion running money belt. What makes this belt distinct and ideal for hikers, cyclists, and runners is its single band design that goes around the waist or hips. The band material is a blend of lycra and spandex. Hence, when you move, it does not restrict body movement. Instead, it fits snugly, and comfy against your body. The belt is six inches wide and can accommodate various running accessories such as maps, energy cells, and iPods. It also has a double-zippered pocket and a dedicated smartphone pouch.

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Just from the name one can tell that this Simply4travel travel belt wallet is ideal for all your travel storage and safety needs. It features a high-quality, durable, waterproof and rip resistant 210D nylon, guaranteed to keep your valuables dry and safe. Furthermore, it has the famed RFID block technology that protects your documents against illegal scanning. It is exceptionally comfortable and hygienic, thanks to its breathable wire mesh backing, which protects your skin from itching or getting sweaty.

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Alpine Rivers

The manufacturers of this Alpine Rivers travel wallet belt had comfort in mind when designing it. It is amazingly lightweight, portable and versatile. Its elastic strap is fully adjustable and can expand to accommodate a 56” waist perfectly. Its seven RFID blocking sleeves and the stitch-reinforced, tear-proof, water-resistant nylon, ensure that your possessions remain safe and secure.

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Venture 4th

If simplicity is your style, the Venture 4th Money Belt is ideal. It is a fashionable and practical belt made of durable, double stitched, tear-proof 210D nylon. The belt comes in four shades namely taupe, beige, gray and blue to suit your taste and preferences. On its back is a mesh panel, which absorbs moisture and keeps you fresh, dry and cozy irrespective of the weather.

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Aqua Quest AquaRoo Belt

For the watersport enthusiasts out there, this is an excellent travel belt wallet. It is 100% waterproof, thanks to its TPU laminated fabric, and it beams with pleasing rip-stop qualities. Besides keeping your valuables safe from pilferers, the belt ensures that your valuables remain dry from water and sweat.

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Lewis N Clark Neck Stash

If the conventional waist belt designs do not tickle your fancy, why not try out this beauty from Lewis and Clark. The Neck stash belt is ultra slim and lightweight enough to hang around your neck comfortably. With it, you can effortlessly conceal your valuables from prowling eyes. Some of its attractive attributes include the RFID block protection, 100% rip-stop nylon composition, and TravelDry technology, All of which guarantees maximum protection for your valuables.

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Atitlan Leather Money Belt

The Atitlan leather is a unique travel belt wallet because of its uncanny ability to conceal itself. It resembles your typical leather belt, making it extremely difficult for prospecting thieves to know where your valuables are. Besides, it adds an element of fashion. Concealed along the belt’s interior are pockets measuring 19.5 by 1.5 inches. These pockets further have the premium YKK zippers. The only downside with this belt is that your phone or passport cannot fit in it. Nonetheless, it is an excellent pick for a business traveler.

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