Lying on the Southernmost part of Thailand is a small part of this beautiful country that many tourists haven’t discovered yet. To most visitors, Satun is a mere relaxing place before taking the next bus to another location. However, if you decide to stick here a little longer, you will discover that this steamy jungle valley surrounded by cliffs is good for exploration. Being in the border of Thailand and Malaysia, it’s strategic location allows the interactions between two unique and very rich cultures. This in addition to the intriguing Sino-Portuguese and religious architecture, towering mountains, lush green forests, and plenty of authentic charm make this place worthy of your visit. Whether you want to explore a new hidden gem or just strolling around before setting out on your next journey, here are the top 10 things to do in Satun.

Go island hopping

Being home to several islands, island hopping becomes an activity worth engaging in while in Satun. Phetra Islands National Park features a total of 22-Virgin Islands with the notable ones being Lidi Island, Khao-Yai Island, and Bulon Island. All the islands feature unique attractions ranging from colorful coral reefs and pearl culture farms to varied marine wildlife and interesting rock formations.

Source : Satuntourist / Phetra Islands National Park

View antiques at Satun National Museum

Your visit to Satun wouldn’t be complete without visiting The Satun National Museum. Also known as the Ku-Den Museum, the museum was originally built in 1902 to serve as the residence of Governor Phraya-Phuminatphakdi. However, it was later changed into a museum and now displays antiques and artifacts showcasing Satun’s traditional culture and history.

Source : theislanddrum / Satun National Museum

Visit Masjid-Mambang Mosque

Satun houses a good number of mosques and Masjid-Mambang which is also known as Satun Central Mosque or Masayit-Mambang is the oldest of them. Dating back to 849, this mosque lies in the centre of the town. The mosque was initially made up of wood but was later rebuilt with a modern Islamic architectural style in 1979. Non-Muslims can be allowed to visit and even enter the mosque outside prayer times.

Source : wikimapia / Satun Central Mosque

Trek to the Wang Sai Thong Waterfalls

This is a very good place to visit especially if you have traveled with your family. The waterfall creates a cool and relaxing environment that will leave you feeling refreshed and relieved from the scorching hot weather. It forms a quaint scene for visitors and is well-known for its pool basin and limestone minerals that are calcified on rocks.

Source : Gettyimages / Wang Sai Thong Waterfalls

Explore the Buddhist temple

Just like mosques, Satun also has an abundance of Buddhist temples and Wat-Chana Thip-Chaloem is the oldest and largest of them all. Built in 1882, this temple consists of a two storey building that is build using Thai-style architecture. This makes it have a distinct look when compared to the other temples. The monk uses the first storey, which is made of bricks, for preaching while the second one, which is wooden, for religious practices.

Source : patricklepetit / Wat-Chana Thip-Chaloem

Walk around Thale-Ban National Park

Established in 1980, this park is located in a tropical rainforest filled with pine trees. Inside the park is also a freshwater lake which is home to a variety of freshwater fish as well as shellfish. The park covers a total area of 196-square kilometers of land where you can enjoy fishing or just relax and admire the beautiful scenery.

Source : phil / Thale-Ban National Park

Explore the numerous caves

Satun is well known for having a large number of caves that you can visit. The Phu-Pha-Pet Cave which is the most popular is a vast and deep cave featuring a relatively high ceiling. Another very popular cave that visitors can squeeze themselves in is the Satta-Khuha Cave which houses several large bats. The third cave worth adding to your treasure stove is Chorakhe where tourists usually explore on a boat ride.

Source : iStock / The Phu-Pha-Phet Cave

Stand on Pha-Chado Viewpoint

Situated in Koh Adang, this is arguably the best place to catch beautiful and un-interfered views of the nearby sea. The place once acted as a place where pirates used to look out for ships carrying goods. While here, you will also be able to clearly spot Koh Lipe.

Source : twitter / Pha-Chado

Explore Laem-Tanyong-Po

Located at the estuary of the Satun Bay, Laem-Tanyong Po is another location to visit especially if you are looking to take memorable photos. Here, you will be fascinated by an old fishing village, the white sandy beaches, and the powdery there.

Source : Gplace / Laem Tanyong Po

Take photos at the Satun Clock Tower

This is a picturesque clock tower that is located on the scenic Ruangritjaroon Rd. The clock tower gets lit up during the night making it a great place for taking instagrammable photos. Just to remind you, the time shown is usually correct.

Source : picgra / Satun Clock Tower
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