Mount E’mei is one of the four most divine buddhist mountains in China. Located in Sichuan province in Southwest China, Mount E’mei attracts tourists from all over the world for its stunning natural scenery and buddhist culture.

As a yearly family trip, we decided to visit Mount E’mei this June and challenge ourselves by climbing this sacred mountain which is around 3,099 m above the sea level.


I am departing from Chongqing. There is a direct high-speed rail from Chongqing to Mount E’mei which will takes around 2 hours. Alternatively, you can take a coach bus at the Xin Nan Men station in Chengdu like what we did (40RMB per journey per pax). This is a two-hour journey. Once you reach the bottom of Mount E’mei where the famous Baoguo Temple is located, you can either purchase the bus ticket to go all the way up to Lei Dong Ping (the middle of the mount) or begin your adventure right from the here. The bus ticket cost 98 RMB per round trip.


We will be spending a night in the hotel called “You Hao Hotel” in Lei Dong Ping (middle of the mountain). We booked the hotel from at 268 RMB per night. Most of the hotels also provide rooms at around the same price. I feel that the hotel prices is at the steep side in Mount Emei and this is quite common in popular tourism attractions in China.

Mountain Climbing

We arrived at Mount E’mei pretty late on the first day and ‘officially’ begin our journey the next early morning. For people who do not have much experience in mountain climbing like me, I do suggest taking the cable car to the mountain peak and then slowly get down (although getting down seems more dangerous and difficult than climbing up).

To enjoy the magnificent view of the sunrise and sea of clouds, we woke up at 430am and then walked around 20 mins to the cable car station. When we arrived, there are already a lot of people queuing. For your information, one way trip of cable car is around 45 RMB.

Starting from a weak light, the whole sky was gradually light up by the warm and orange sunlight from the very far end. The sun was hiding itself in the clouds at the very beginning like a shy little girl. With the movement of clouds, it gradually emit the sun ray to cast on the cloud, trees, cliffs and everything else. The entire world is like newborn and it feels sacred and mysterious. The whole sunrise process was merely 3 minutes, but everyone appreciated the stunning view.

The highlight of the trip was actually the Gold Peak. There is a Buddhist temple called Jin Ding (translated as Gold Peak) which is built in gold color at the peak of the mountain. Beneath the sun, the temple looked even more shiny and mysterious on the mountaintop below which you can clearly see the steep precipices and cliffs.

We explored the Gold Peak for around 1 hour and then decided to head back to hotel. You can either take the cable car back or the so-called Hua Gan which you will be sitting in a seat tied on two solid bamboo that is carried by two experienced mountain labor workers. The price starts from 120 RMB.

Mount E’mei is a good experience if you love mountain climbing. It might be challenging for some people. Nevertheless, the scenery is stunning and it’s worth an experience.

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