Continued from my last post where I wrote about our one day experience in Xizhou, in this post I will bring you all to a small fishing village situated quietly in serenity beside Er Hai, which is named Shuang Lang.

Day 2 & 3

After we checked out from the hotel in Xizhou, we rented a car to Shuanglang. Shuanglang was just like the opposite of the Er Hai lake. Because we are visiting during peak tourism season, the entire Shuanglang village packed full of people.

About Shuang Lang

Adjacent to Wase (挖色) Town on the south and bounded on Huangping Town of Heqing County on the north, Shuang Lang is a typical fishing village of Bai ethnic group by the famous Er Hai lake in Yunnan. Surrounded by water and mountains, Shuanglang boasts numerous cultural sites, where the folk houses and ancient temples are quite well preserved. It is now a very popular holiday destination in China after a widely popular Chinese movie called Breakup Buddies(心花怒放)was filmed there.

Getting to Shuanglang

By Bus: You can take a direct bus from Dali old town or Xia guan. It costs 12 RMB per trip.

By Car: You can book a car especially when you have many people travelling together. It will only cost 300 RMB for one trip.

The journey is around one hour time.


The first thing we do when we arrived at Shuanglang is to check in the hotel. With the booming of tourism in Shuang Lang, there are many interesting stylish guesthouses being developed in recent years. I booked a guesthouse called Guan Hai Fan Jian (观海梵间). Its most expensive room can cost up to 1000 RMB per night. I got to know that the guesthouse was started by a lady from Chongqing (from my hometown). The entire style of the guesthouse is simple and clean although some furniture looks pretty old. I like the big bathtub in the bedroom where you can enjoy the serenity of Er Hai while taking a bath without worrying about your privacy.

To be honest, as many guesthouses are under construction in Shuanglang, some parts of Shuanglang can be a bit messy and dirty. Thus it is really important to book a good guesthouse with great location so you can appreciate the calm of Er Hai and peace of the town quietly without being distracted by any noises.

What to do in Shuanglang

Besides the construction of guesthouses, Shuanglang is highly recommended for a short getaway that can help relax and recharge yourself by lingering around the town, listening the sound of soft lake wind. We spent two days here and I still find it was not enough! I wish I can stay longer.

So, here are some things you can do when you visit Shuanglang.

1. Visit Nanzhao Fengqing Island (南诏风情岛) to experience the ancient time of Bai ethic group, where many cultural relics are unearthed.

2. Visit a myriad of dedicated-designed guesthouse and take photos in them for free.


3. Taste all the different local food on the street.

4. Stay in the hotel and enjoy the sun and soft wind from the open balcony.

5. Rent a motorcycle or bicycle to travel around the lake.

Shuanglang Travel Tips

1. August is the peak period in Yunnan, so you need to book your guesthouse/hostel in advance.

2. The summer in Yunnan is incredibly hot and rainy. Do remember to bring sunblock and umbrella.

3. Riding around lake is fun and joyful but that really requires energy.

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