We work hard every day – get up, go to work, burn the midnight oil to meet deadlines and sweat just to meet the demands of this thing called “life”. Whoa, what a way to begin today’s entry, ain’t that right?

Yeah, we work day in and day out, but there comes a time where we all need to pause, take a step back and enjoy the company of our family, right? I, hereby, would like to share with you guys on the best trip you can take with the fam. Where? Behold the gorgeous sights of Boracay! Boracay is one of the best islands in the world! The pictures don’t lie, people.

So, to give you the best family holiday experiences in Boracay, I’ve rounded up some cool reminders you can prepare yourself for this group-tastic adventure.

Aim For The Cheapest Deals

Now, I’m not saying go cheap for everything BUT, you can bet there are tons of best cheap air tickets  went unnoticed in the excitement of traveling. Take Traveloka for example, they always offer discounts on both flights and hotels, which are so cost-effective, plus, you can literally pay installments for your trip as well! Not only that, some airlines also go all Spartan on their deals as well. Do you know how many times I saw scoot promotion all over the place? Too many. So, now that you are traveling in a big company, keep an extra eye out on best deals out there. That way, you can spend more when you’re there.

Plan Well Or Suffer The Rainy Season

You’ve got to read and check the climate and weather of a destination before you book your flight and hotel, especially when going to an island like this one. The Philippines is known for their rainy season, so be sure to plan your trip away from May onwards. That is, unless rain makes you happy, no judgment here. It’s going to be pretty hard for your family to enjoy cool water activities there – which is A LOT. Therefore, the best time to fly to Boracay is from December to April. Mark your calendar!

Plan Your Activities Ahead of Time but Be Open To Spontaneous Adventure

It is always best to be prepared; read up and list some of the best attractions Boracay so that once you’re there, you and your family can skip the indecisiveness when the question “So, what should we do today?” comes up. Trust me, you don’t want your family members to go all zombie on each other. Among the highlighted attractions in Boracay is the White Beach for shallow-water activities, Diniwid Beach for scenic view from the cliff and Blue Lagoon Malumpati for the cold water lagoon for a well-needed relaxing moment. Maybe you can put some of those places in your itinerary.

Oh, while planning is fun, but save some for the spontaneous endeavor. I bet it will double the fun when you decide together on the spot what to do next.

Have Fun!

Traveling with family members can be havoc and chaotic from time to time, especially if it’s a big family, but it is not always a negative kind of chaotic. Have fun! Ditch the laptop, phones and all those technologies reminding you of work and go crazy with your family. I think that is the biggest takeaway from this entry – have fun with your family.

Aight, that’s pretty much it for today’s entry. Hope it gives you guys the inspiration to pack up and escape with your family. Until next time, happy holidays, friends!

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