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My Spring in Wuzhou Ecological Garden With A Sea of Maple Trees

Written by Nicole Li

Speaking of maple trees, the first thing comes to one’s mind might be Canada. The maple leaf on their national flag is a good demonstration of how Canadians are proud of it. While Canadian maple leaves turn red during autumn and winter, the maple trees in my hometown, Chongqing turn into a vast sea of red during spring. In my latest trip in Chongqing, I managed to find time to enjoy this spectacular view of maple trees in Wuzhou Ecological Garden.

Wuzhou Ecological Garden (五洲园) is in Banan district of Chongqing. It is approximately a 2 hours drive from my house which is located in the central region. Take note that during holiday seasons, there might even be a severe traffic jam that will hold you for more than 3 hours stuck on the road. But for the beautiful scenery, I feel it’s definitely worth the time!

Chongqing is a mountainous city and so the park is also built on mountains with an altitude of 1000 meters and size of 683,367 square meters. That means to get to the entrance of the park, you need to climb some stairs as cars may not be able to drive up easily. But that is quite good for exercise as you can enjoy the fresh mountain view under the average temperature of 18 degrees celsius. You can buy the admission tickets on the spot or from an online agent. It is around S$10 per person. 

Wuzhou Ecological Garden is actually located in the countryside where people here live a simple life as farmers. Unlike the concrete jungle, people here are woken up by birds’ chirping in the morning, eating healthy organic food and making great friends with nature. Poor as they might be, they, however, enjoy a simple but fulfilled life. Now with Wuzhou park become more popular among travelers, they can also make money by selling farm products in the market outside the park’s entrance or providing accommodations to visitors.

Although there are many other flowers blossom in the park such as Sakura, cherry blossom, and Chinese redbud, the maple trees are the most stunning ones in my opinion.

Walking along the soft soil road, I felt I am Alice lost in wonderland. The beautiful sea of redness is boundless and you will never know what is waiting for you on the other side. Strangely when the leaves are aged, they will turn green and that’s when you see the incredible mix of green and red like the below image.

It rained early in the morning and I can see crystal drops of dew tinselled the leaves. 

I just cannot help taking photos with these beautiful creatures.

Because of the large variety of plants that have their own life cycles throughout the year, you can visit Wuzhou Ecological Garden in any seasons. The views will just be differently amazing.

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