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Singapore Best Finance Youtubers 2022 – Updated October

Since the start of covid where many Singaporeans spend more time working from home, there have been a huge spike of interest in Personal Finance & Investing content among Singaporeans. I am one of those who started to get more serious in my investment journey during recent years as well. In the new era where people now go to YouTube to learn new things, there have been a new wave of uprising Singapore Finance YouTubers who have gotten into the space early and have been creating great value to the community. Here in this post, let me share the list of Singapore Best Finance Youtubers (in my own opinion) who sort of accompanied & guided me in my lonely journey to learn more about investing and getting started finally. I find value subscribing to these channels, hope you find them useful too.

Chicken Genius

Ken Teng @ Chicken Genius needs no introduction. I started watching his channel feeling a little skeptical, but as I watched each and every of his video over time, I do find Ken is very passionate guy and is very genuine in helping people succeed. Chicken Genius channel made its fame by being an early Tesla investor and making million off Tesla, and Ken is very transparent about his investing philosophy and his thesis on Tesla. Ken has also established a name for himself in the finance space before starting his Youtube Channel. He managed to amassed 2.2M portfolio by the age of 35. The Strait Times also did a featured article on him and you can read if you want to know about about him.

Kelvin Learn Investing

When I first came across Kelvin Learn Investing, Kelvin first struck me as a media awkward guy, but he really get better every day, and how he’s awesome. This is evident as you follow each of his video overtime. As the channel names implies, Kelvin is learning investing and been sharing his thoughts with his viewers as he continue down the journey. I don’t know Kelvin personally but Kelvin struck me as a very down to earth person. His videos are well researched and greatly summarised to make it easily understandable by everyone. I love his sense of humor in all his videos too. I definitely think Kelvin is on the right track to become one of the top Finance Youtubers in Singapore and looking forward to his success.

Josh Tan – TheAstuteParent

Josh is one of the early Youtubers i followed and I remember back then he only has around a 2k subscribers or so and he’s sharing about how he manage to own a condo with 1K etc. What I like about Josh is that he did good analysis with good thought process, giving viewers two sides of the coins.

Invest with Stanley (Value Invest Asia)

Invest with Stanley may not be as popular as Chicken Genius and little known around the Singapore investing community, but I have been secretly following this guy for a number of years. Stanley is also the person (or “Virtual Mentor) who got me started in my investing journey. I still remember me emailing Stanley couple years back to seek his advice on what type of investing approach I should start with and he selflessly share his thoughts on my situation and provided me good guidance on building my portfolio at the start.

Apart from his youtube channel, Stanley also writes at Value Invest Asia and he also runs a VIA Club membership (at a very small fee) where he share his investing philosophy and research. Disclaimer: I am an active VIA Club member and I do find value in the research monthly. Moreover, what I like about Stanley is that he shares his thoughts process behind each company selection, being as objective as possible to provide people opposing perspectives. Also, Stanley is very open in sharing his investing mistakes so that new investors won’t make the same repeated mistakes. I would say this is much more beneficial than giving people stock picks. As the slogan goes, you are your best fund manager!

PS: Stanley is the person who got me invested into Tencent, Alibaba, Facebook, Google. ­čÖé

Mr Loo @ 1M65

Mr Loo Cheng Chuan definitely impacted my mindset on how I think about CPF and how one can fully leverage CPF to supercharge their retirement fund. (Being exposed to social media with fake news or inaccurate info or articles on CPF, one can be easily being steered into the negative opinion on CPF )

I am glad I came across Mr Loo 1M65 strategy when I first started my career after graduation. With this 1M65 plan and strategy in place, I am on track to use CPF as a safety net for retirement. I’d also started to help my newborn build her CPF to get her started in life.

Tay Chi Keng

I came across Tay Chi Keng this year (2022) and this young dude strikes me as being someone who know his stuffs well when I watched one of his Alibaba videos. Being still a undergrad currently, Chi Keng definitely had a good head start among his peers in investing journey and I look forward for his greater success in the space. It’s also amazing how he can juggle the channel with his studies. If you don’t know, Chi Keng is an avid Alibaba bull, and he is the one who got me dollar cost average more into my existing BABA position. Let’s see how this goes.

Wrapping Up

Above is the “Singapore best finance youtubers”, in my own humble opinion. I am subscribed to all these channels and I watched their videos every weekend while having my coffee in the morning. If you think there’s any Singapore finance youtubers who are worthy to be mentioned in the list, please comment and share your favourite channel below (happy to include in the above list for everyone’s benefit).

It is important to re-iterate that always DYOR before investing. This applies to all video content from any finance channels. After all, you are responsible for your own investing decision.

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