Nowadays, online shopping has been so common with the boom of eCommerces. Many of the well-known retailers and merchants are also going eCommerce to keep up with the consumers’ shopping preferences. What if I tell you that you can get additional cashback while shopping online? Yes, that’s true. You can! Last week, I am invited by to try out and review their cashback platform. is Southeast Asia’s largest and fastest growing online loyalty platform. You can get up to 30% cashback when shopping via Shopback. Expanding rapidly in Southeast Asia, ShopBack aims to redefine the eCommerce market in Southeast Asia!

Shopback gives you extra, unlimited savings whenever you shop online!

Here is how Shopback works.

When you land at Shopback’s homepage, you will be able to see a huge list of merchants stores that you can get cashbacks from. The list is pretty impressive and kudos to the ShopBack team for working hard to get all these merchants on board.. For travel enthusiasts like me, you are lucky! There are cashbacks for, Jetstar, Expedia and more.

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Registering Your Account

Signing up on Shopback is easy. You can create a account using the registration form or connect with your existing facebook account. After registering & logging in, you will be redirected back to Shopback’s homepage. Remember to verify your account.

Start Getting Cashbacks

To start getting cashbacks is easy with Shopback’s simple user experience . You just have to click on your desired stores or products and click on “Shop Now”. Before you proceed, always read on the terms & conditions. Note that different merchant has different terms & conditions.

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Before proceed to shop, please ensure that you have your cookies enabled in your browser. Cashback sites uses cookies to track purchases so if your cookies are not enabled, your cashback might not be recorded.

Some Tips & Hacks Using Shopback

  • Always check that your browser cookies are enabled.
  • Always click from Shopback to retailer sites.
  • There is minimum amount ($10) threshold for withdrawal.
  • Need to wait 48 hours for cashback to be credited.
  • Cashback dollars can be expired after 1 year. Don’t waste it.

Travel Deals & Promotions

Shopback have a page dedicated for travel promotions and deals. Good news for travellers! In that page, you will be able to find flights, hotels, cruise, tour packages and even travel accessories. Next time when I book my tickets, I will definitely be using Shopback to get some cashbacks. Up to 60% OFF + Up to 9.5% cashback.

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Great Singapore Sale 2016

As you know, currently it’s the great singapore sale season. For me, I am always doing bulk of my shopping spree during this period of time. With Shopback cashback system, you can get extra bang for your buck! If you are interested, you can see the  deals at the ongoing GSS in Shopback. You can also view the latest coupons here.

If you do online shopping frequently, why not give Shopback a try? It just take a few minutes to get on Shopback and you get free cashback! Let me know your experience with Shopback below.

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