Time really flies. It has been one year since we last wrote ShinyVisa’s 1-year-old post. And yes, that’s right, ShinyVisa is officially two years old now! This one year has been a really exciting and progression journey for us. We learn so much about travel blogging. We will still continue to share our travel experiences for the many years to come and stay committed to the reason why we first started this blog – It’s a joy to be able to inspire travelers, and of course to help out with travel tips and reviews that can make other’s travel better.

For the past year, we managed to travel to several new countries and cities. We’ve been to Chongqing, Hunan, Sichuan, QingHai, Thailand, Vietnam, Norway, and Finland. In addition, we also went for our first staycation in Singapore at Capella and Mecure Bugis Hotel. We are quite proud of our achievement of being able to visit these many places despite being part-time travelers with a full-time employment. In terms of site’s traction, we have more than doubled since a year ago! Another piece of good news is that ShinyVisa is cash-flow positive now – Thanks to the companies/brands who decided to choose ShinyVisa as a partner for content marketing. Surprisingly, we are also pleased to announce that ShinyVisa has been awarded the Best Travel Blog In South East Asia by Lux Review! This is our first award recognition, and this really motivates and validated our efforts.

Moving on, our plan for the next one year is to continue to stay awesome and keep fit, travel to more new places, and to share more travel tips and reviews.

Till then.


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