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Redtory in Guangzhou – A Good Place for Photography

Written by Nicole Li

In our last Guangzhou post, we write about those delicious food in Guangzhou. Besides that, Guangzhou has many other interesting places that are worth a visit too. Redtory (红专厂) is one of them and is highly recommended for those who loves photography!

Redtory = Red + Factory

Redtory is built upon the original Yingjinqian Canned Food Factory (Guangdong Canned Food Factory). After half a century, for various reasons the old buildings in the factory survive, though, no longer as a canned food factory. In 2009, Redtory Art & Design Factory was born out of the deserted factories.

Decked out with bars, café and eateries where the visitors can enjoy a cup of tea while flipping through books, Redtory is a unique place where lively commercialism fuses with cutting edge and diverse art and fashion. Here you can also visit public art, creative studios, art galleries that hold temporary exhibitions from Chinese and international artists (Do check out its art venues that host temporary exhibitions according to their own calendar).

Because of the vibrance, artistic aura and the photogenic historical calm, Redtory is also a popular place for photography among young people. We recommend you to spend half a day exploring Redtory.

Getting to Redtory

Address:128 Yuancun 4th Cross Rd, Tianhe Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China

Located near Guangzhou’s Central Business District, Zhujiang New Town. You can take train to Yuancun station. Outside the exit B there is shuttle service taking you to Redtory. It’s a merely 10 min journey and will only cost 2 RMB per person.

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