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Plentyfull – Hearty, Wholesome And Homemade Brunch In Millenia Walk

Written by Boss Wang

Plentyfull is a hidden cafe gem found in Millenia Walk which is well known for cooking with fresh produce sourced directly from farmers. The cafe is founded by Claudia Sondakh with a vision to build a place of restoration for your spirit, soul & body by offering wholesome homemade meals.

Plentyfull’s mission is to inspire a new era of conscious dining.

The awesome thing about Plentyfull is that the menu changes day and night, and regularly to showcase the seasonal best and also to match the diversity of the culinary team. One will notice that by day, Plentyfull is a lifestyle cafe which serves lightweight and hearty meals including coffees & cakes, and by the night, it transform into a full-fledged restaurant and bar. Plentyfull is not hard to locate, it’s just a few minutes walk from Promenade MRT and extremely visible.

To my surprise, the cafe is extremely spacious and looks cozy with elegant interior and decorations. The modern industrial decor with an adequate placement of plants, long tables, and regular dining tables make the whole place looks neat, refreshing and ideal for a heartfelt warm welcoming meal.

In case you wonder, Plentyfull is a grocer as well! There is a section where you can shop for fresh produce like fruits, snacks, and beverages. I kudos Plentyfull for diversifying their services to enhance its cafe uniqueness.


The menu in Plentyfull is quite extensive and it changes from time to time. Just in the middle of the cafe, you can see their open concept kitchen.

You find mini plants on every dining table. Cute and refreshing, isn’t it?

Plentyfull’s Brunch Plate

The Plentyfull brunch platter is hearty and comprehensive. The platter consists of sourdough bread, house made meat patties, scrambled egg, bacon, pickled tomatoes, and potatoes. Though the potatoes look like thick fries, they aren’t. In fact, it is thin layered potato slices being chunked together and fried. If you wonder, the potatoes are delicious!

Organic Egg & Cheese Sandwich + Bacon

The sandwich comes with organic scrambled egg, scallions, smoked cheddar on a homemade brioche bun. If you want some meat, you can add on bacon for S$5.

Grilled Prawns, Truffled Eggs And Ikura On Toast

I highly recommend their grilled prawn, truffled eggs & ikura on toast. You can’t find this on their menu. We found this gem on their special menu on the blackboard just in front of the open concept. Putting ikura on truffled eggs totally elevated the tastiness. For peeps who want to enjoy some seafood freshness to their brunch, try this.

Waffles with Maple Syrup

A typical waffle dish that you can find anywhere else. There isn’t much specialty or creativity that deserve much mention. You can add fruits to go along with your waffles.


Getting to Plentyfull

Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-79/80 Millenia Walk, 039596
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri (8am  – 10:30pm), Sat, Sun (10:30am – 10:30pm)
Tel: 6493 2997

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