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Meat Market: Wood Grilled Meats For You

Written by Boss Wang

Replacing the previous Xin Wang Hong Kong  Cafe, Meat Market is the latest addition to Hougang One’s list of restaurants. As a Hougang dweller who stays nearby, I am extremely excited when I knew about the opening because, after so many years, we are finally going to have some interesting concept restaurant nearby.

Though the public official launch is on 11 Nov, Meat Market is actually already open for business before that. The interior of the cafe is pretty sleek, with an open-concept kitchen, wooden tables & chairs, and the orange ceiling lights make the whole place quite romantic. Just in front of the restaurant entrance, you can see how their chef does the grilling of the meat in the kitchen. One uniqueness of Meat Market is that the restaurant uses wood to grill their meat. Different month, different wood, different taste… To be frank, this is my first time trying wood grilled meat so I have quite a high expectation for it. I am curious about how different it will taste like

Two to Share – Carnivore

This consist of chicken, pork collar, sausage, tenderloin and is served with 2 sides and 1 sauce. We chose truffle fries and cheesy tater tots as our sides and black pepper as the sauce.

The tenderloin comes separately in another plate. One thing about I noticed about Meat Market is that they serve the dishes using wooden plates. It will be more awesome if they use wooden utensils though – just my personal opinions.

To be frank, I think Meat Market’s wood-grilled meat is not quite up to the expectations I have for it. The dish took quite a while to arrive (which I can totally understand – maybe they are grilling it fresh). But, the meat is not served sizzling hot. The chicken and tenderloin tasted okay, but the pork collar meat is quite dry for me. The meat will definitely do better if it is juicer and more char-grilled (with smoky taste).

Elderflower & Rosemary Orange Popsicle Soda

Their popsicle soda is quite refreshing and soothing, and I liked it.

Getting to Meat Market

Address: 1 Hougang Street 91 #01-40 Hougang 1 Singapore 538692

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