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If you are the kind of person who wants to experience ‘local’ and get the most out of your trips, Maxther is a new marketplace that you can definitely consider joining. Started in January 2017 this year, Maxther is a new travel marketplace that connects locals and global travelers together.

The team at Maxther believes in creating safe, authentic, local & rewarding experience for everyone.

When we are traveling, Nicole and I always try to opt for free & easy as we are the kind of travelers who wants to experience local from a native’s perspective. Well to us, that’s the fun of traveling – Experience the culture, the people, and the environment in depth. To do so, we always have to do a lot of research before each trip and that is time-consuming! Having one or two days off our itinerary plan where we have local travel experts to bring us around the country isn’t a bad idea at all.

I came across Maxther a week ago and I am quite impressed with the team’s mission and beliefs to help create better local travel experiences for travelers. The great thing is that they are based in Singapore! It’s always good to see more travel startups from Singapore as that sparks up our local traveler’s community. Maxther is Southeast Asia-focused and currently, they already have more than 70 experiences from 8 countries in SEA.

With more than 30 years of travel experiences and technology skills, the team at Maxther wanted to help people experience local better by combining both their travel domain network and technology. Travel addicts + tech nerds! That’s quite an interesting combination.

Our extensive travel in Southeast Asia and interactions with the locals over the years has inspired the concept for Maxther, that is to help locals maximise their resources and be connected globally for alternative opportunities, while allowing travellers to maximise their local travel experiences.

Local experiences marketplace is not something new to the travel industry. In recent months, we have seen new local experiences SG startups like TripCendo and Funzing coming out. Even Airbnb starts offering local experiences. Maxther, on the other hand, aims to distinguish itself through three different ways.

Being Southeast Asian Countries Focused

Only unique and one of a kind local experience in SEA will be listed on the platform.

Free Dedicated Help Plans

Maxther wants to help their Maxperts (local partners) succeed and create better local experiences for travelers. Thus, they are offering free help plans in areas like enhancing itinerary ideas, operationalising local experiences, I.T. setup, English language etc., to assist their Maxperts in putting up their unique experiences successfully online.

Verified Maxperts (Local Partners)

All Maxperts are verified via face to face interviews and personal identifications.

Guide to buying a local experience in Maxther

Step 1: Sign Up Via Facebook

Finding & buying a local experience in Maxther is easy. To do that, you can log in / sign up using your Facebook account. After you connected your Facebook account, you will receive an email notification containing your username and password. This username & password is for you to log in next time if you do not want to use facebook login.

Step 2: Browse Experiences

You can browse over 70+ listings in Maxther. Their advanced filters help you better narrow down your desired experiences via genre, date range and more.

maxther filters

Step 3: Book an experience

Booking is straightforward. Just select your date time and check availability. After that click “Add to Cart”. Add your coupon code if any and proceed to check out. That’s it.


Note: You can get a $5 USD discount off your experience in Maxther by applying the coupon code MAX-SHINYVISA Note that this coupon code expires on 31 December 2017.

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