LUMOS NANO Projector Review 2022

LUMOS NANO Projector Review & Rating 2022 S$599
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LUMOS NANO Projector Review & Rating

At S$599, LUMOS NANO Projector is a good choice if you are looking for a sleek small-sized, portable and lightweight projector where you can easily bring it for any outdoor events/activities or if you wanted an easy home theatre set up in your room. Moreover, the picture and sound quality are excellent and better than expected.

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* My LUMOS NANO Projector is fully sponsored by LUMOS, but opinions expressed are my own.

Just a couple weeks ago, LUMOS reached out via my personal YouTube channel for a video product review on their LUMOS NANO Home Cinema Mini Portable Projector. Frankly, I have not heard of the LUMOS brand before that as I am not very savvy into projectors brands. (I do have a small portable which I bought from Taobao). But having researched into LUMOS and also checking out their existing customer reviews, this projector seems to be quite positively received and thus I agreed to this collaboration. In this LUMOS NANO Projector review, I am going to be as objective as possible with the pros and cons, to help you decide if this product is the right one for you.

Me, with my home cinema set up using LUMOS NANO Projector.


LUMOS is a home-grown Singaporean company which specialises in making and innovating on projectors. Their mission is to invent and build the best quality home projector, and make it affordable for everyone. Basically, their smart projectors function just like any smart TVs like PRISM. They operates on an Android operating system and came pre-installed with entertainment apps like Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Browser etc.

Pros and Cons of LUMOS NANO Projector

Lightweight, Portable & Small SizedBattery only up to 1.5 – 2 hours which can be a downside when using it outdoor(takes 2+ hours to full charge)
Built with Dolby Audio for better sound qualityIt can get a little noisy sometimes (You can control the fan power in settings)
Can function as a standalone bluetooth speaker
Projection up to 100″
Built with USB & HDMI ports
Comes with tripod and a remote control

Lightweight, Small-sized & Portable

Measuring just 10cm & weighing approximately 400g, LUMOS NANO Projector is extremely small-sized and easily portable. Good job to the team on innovating on the device size as this is an awesome differentiating factor I would say. Being so lightweight, you can bring it anywhere and for any purpose; Be it your wedding reception, baby shower, picnic, camping or even just casual hangout with friends, the possibilities are endless.

Comparing the size of LUMOS NANO with a cup

2 into 1 (Projector + Bluetooth Speaker)

The LUMOS NANO projector can function as a portable bluetooth speaker too. In case don’t need the projecting feature, you can just use it like any bluetooth speaker. Unlike others projectors brand which does not focus much on sound quality, LUMOS engineered the LUMOS NANO Projector to built-in with dolby audio speakers to provide richer and immersive sound. Of course, you can’t compared it with full fledged bluetooth speaker like JBL Flip 5, but I’ll take it as a value add.

Up to 100 Inch Projection Size

LUMOS NANO Projector is capable of projecting up to 100 Inch (254 cm) size. This can be almost the size of your entire wall. With this, you can definitely use LUMOS NANO as a lightweight home cinema theatre set up. There is also a scroll wheel at the side of the device where you can adjust the focus easily. The good thing is that LUMOS NANO does not actually lose much clarity when adjusting the focus. In addition, to deliver better visual quality, LUMOS NANO adopts DLP technology and has a brightness of 1,500 Lumens. See the comparison below.

LUMOS DLP Technology Vivid Visuals

Tripod Stand

The projector comes with a small tripod stand which can be extended at the bottom of the device. You can just screw the stand to the device as needed.


Connectivity with USB & HDMI

Despite it’s small size, I am glad that the LUMOS NANO projector comes with 1 USB port & 1 HDMI port. This means that you can connect your laptop, Nintendo Switch, PC, and use the project to wall or screen using the device. Not bad.


Touchpad & Remote Control

You can navigate or mouse control using the touchpad that is on top of the device. Touchpad options includes volume, settings, home, back and the movement control. Moreover, the LUMOS NANO also comes with a remote control (in case do you don’t like touchpad).


LUMOS NANO Projector Warranty

The projector comes with a 1-year warranty which is already automatically registered with your purchase. LUMOS provide dedicated customer support via email or Facebook chat.

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