You may already have noticed that Derek and I are really big fans of hotpot who regularly go to explore Singapore for new hotpot restaurant. And recently we visited one authentic hotpot in Chinatown, called Li Xiang Lan. Having tried so many hotpot restaurants so far I would say this is one of my favourites and cannot wait but share this fantastic taste with you.

If you are a fan of Jacky Hok Yau Cheung (张学友), you may find the name of the restaurant very similar to a song from him, named 李香兰. And yes, you guessed it, the owner is also a big fan of Jacky and thus named the restaurant by changing one character of the song’s name.

Walking through the famous Chinatown Food Street, you will easily be attracted by an eye-catching shop furnished in bright red – and yes, very Chinese styled facade with Chinese lanterns hanging on the ceilings. From the moment we entered the restaurant, we were very impressed by the details they put in their dedicated Chinese traditional furnishing. The big red arched door overlaying the French window, the oil-paper umbrellas with wash paintings from the ceilings, the Beijing Opera puppet in the corner of the wooden fence and Chinese paintings on the walls and lanterns…

One of the restaurant’s features is its iced herbal tea in bamboo. The herbal tea is useful to decrease internal heat according to traditional Chinese medicine but by spilling it out little by little, it won’t affect the taste of the hotpot soup. Looks interesting, right?

We ordered two soup, one is spicy and the other is mushroom soup. My suggestion is that you better order lowest spicy level unless you want to challenge your tongue. They have a good variety of dishes but surprisingly it does not have my favourite crispy sausage. Nevertheless, I satisfied my stomach by ordering the crispy pig vein, seasoned chicken chops, quail eggs with vermicelli and a rich meat platter (beef, lamb and pork).

However, I do not like the meatball, it does not taste like fresh meat at all.

Similar to Haidilao, it also provides an array of sauces as well as free flow of fruits.

Getting to Li Xiang Lan

Address: 46 Smith St, Singapore 058955

  • 7/10
    Quality of Food - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Customer Service - 7/10
  • 6.5/10
    Value for Money - 6.5/10
  • 7.5/10
    Atmosphere - 7.5/10


Having tried so many hotpot restaurants in Singapore, we would say this is a good recommendation for those hotpot lovers like us. Outstanding traditional Chinese settings, authentic taste from Chongqing and relatively good service make it distinct from most hotpot restaurants opened recently. However, we still feel the food are overpriced there. With 35% discount on dishes, we still spent 90+ sgd on the dinner. We do look forward to seeing a hotpot place with good combination of price and food quality.

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