After saying goodbye to Taipei, we headed toward the south of Taiwan – Kenting which is located in Hengchun Peninsula of Pingtung County. Like others, I am most impressed by its beautiful beach and tropical climate although it’s also very famous for water sports and is a paradise of leisure and fun.

How to get to Kenting from Taipei

To get to Kenting, take a train to Zuoying(Kaohsiung) from Taipei train station which is about a two hours journey. Then, buy the bus tickets from Zuoying ticket counter to Kenting. You can finally reach Kenting main street in around 2 hours time. The round trip bus ticket cost only 600 NT.

You can book your train ticket here at Remember to book early to get the early bird discount which can be up to 35%! The price is around 1,450 NT.


There are many Minsu 民宿 in Kenting. 民宿 refers to hotels opened by locals. You can book it via Booking, Agoda, Airbnb as well as Chinese websites dedicated for Minsu. For more details on booking hotel, please refer to this post.

In Kenting, we stayed in Greek Style Hotel. You can find details here.

What to do

Kenting main street

Getting off the bus, the first thing we saw is Kenting main street. It is such a lovely town and you can see shops at both sides with various colourful eye-catching signboard. Many Minsu are also located near the main street, there are supermarkets, water-sports shop, restaurant and anything you can think of.

Night Market

Compared to daytime, the Kenting main street is more lively due to their famous night market. The colourful illumination, interesting selling preach and bustling crowd all make the town feels like it never sleep.

Cafe hopping

If you enjoy slow-paced travelling, we do recommend you to spend more time exploring the interesting shops here, particularly chilling out in cafes. We tried one cafe named J Cafe which is said to be started by a big fan of Jay Chow. There is another interesting cafe called On the table – Industrialised interior design style. They serve good coffee too!

Hike in grassy meadows

There are many nature reserves and parks in Kenting. The most famous is Kenting National Park. For Kenting National Park, you will have to book your ticket in advance. You can book at here.

Enjoy the beach and admire the roaring wave

No matter you love water sports or not, the most popular attraction of Kenting is always the beach and sea. Whether you hire a taxi or ride a motorbike along the ocean road, you can feel the power and vitality of the sea. When you are tired, get off the vehicle and order a cocktail in a beach bar where beautiful bikini girls walking back and forth. Undoubtedly there are many interesting water sports as you can imagine.

Recommended attractions:

Longpan park, the southernmost point of Taiwan, The Cape Eluanbi, South Bay, Sand Island, Feng Chuisha, Jialeshuei scenic garden

Explore the movie scene

The famous movie Life of Pi was shoot in white sands. There are many Taiwanese movies took their scenes here too. The most famous one is Cape No. 7. You can find the souvenir shop of it at Hengchun No. 90, Guangming Rd.

Kenting Tips

1. Best time to visit Kenting is April, March, October and November.

2. Recommended visiting length is 2-4 days.

3. Protect yourself from sun burn.

4. You can either hire a taxi, sharing a car or ride motorcycle to visit all attractions in Kenting. But do remember to put safety in the first place. If you don’t have a car/motorbike license, better not to risk life.

5. March is rainy. Do remember to bring along your umbrella or rain coat.

6. July to August is its summer. At that time, it will not only be hot but there are high chance  of Typhoon too.

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