After a four-hour sleep on the flight, we finally reached Taipei Taoyuan airport at lunch time. However, we only had a simple lunch at 4 pm after checking in hotel. It’s drizzling but the rain did not stop us from exploring this adorable city. Our first destination in Day 1 was Taipei 101. After that, we went to Raohe Street Night Market to enjoy the night and eat some night snacks.

Taipei 101

It is said that without going Taipei 101, one will never be truly visiting Taipei. Its significance is just like the Oriental Pearl Tower to Shanghai and Seoul Tower to Seoul, the landmark of the city. Shaped like a bamboo, Taipei 101 is 508m high with 101 storeys. It was the tallest building in the world until 2009 when Burj Khalifa was built up in Dubai. This building becomes famous for tourists as a compound of shopping centre, dining and observatory.

Nearest Station:

Word Trade Center Station


B1- level 4 brands varying from BALLY、LV、Prada、Gucci、Cartier to DIOR, etc.


B1 Din Tai Fung

B1 Food court

5 F,85F Diamond Tony’s 101 Authentic Italian Cuisine

85F Shin Yeh @ Taipei 101

86F DingXian 101 Gourmet Restaurant


5F ticket counters

88,89F observatory deck, souvenirs and postcards

Price: 500nt /450nt(discounted)

Opening hours

1-3F、5F——Sunday to Thursday 11:00~21:30;
4F——Monday to Sunday11:00~22:00;
B1、1-5F——Friday,Saturday, public holiday eve and public holiday 11:00~22:00

Recommended visiting hours:

4 hours


  1. If the weather is not good, you may not see good city view at all
  2. Many restaurants need to book in advance.
  3. At 1010m per minute it takes a mere 40 seconds to the observatory deck and it’s common that some people will feel uncomfortable
  4. Night view is said to be better
  5. Starbucks here only opens until 6pm
  6. Outdoor observatory is not open in raining day

Raohe Street Night Market

Located near Songshan Station, the Raohe Street Night Market is one of the oldest night markets in Taipei. Compared to Shilin Night Market, the Raohe Street Night Market is less commercialised but similarly lively and packed. With the Ciyou Temple (慈祐宮) built in Qing Dynasty nearby, the street looks rather historical and traditional.

Nearest Station:

Songshan Station, Yongchun Station

Opening hour:


Recommended visiting hours:

2 hours


  1. Try avoid squeezing into the tour groups on the eastern edge of the market.
  2. Watch our for your belongings.
  3. Food price is not negotiable but clothes and other stuffs can be bargained.
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