Most girls love flowers. It is every girl’s dream to be a florist one day and get surrounded with plenty of flowers brightening up each day. Given the brutal reality of busy life, very few of us really step up to and work towards fulfiling this dream. Recently, we had a chance to interview a young Chinese female entrepreneur named Meizhi who is already living her dream as a florist. Meizhi founded a dedicated Florist online shop called Lavender Love in Singapore, providing various beautiful and romantic floral arrangement services. This interview may be inspiring to those of you want to start your own floral shop.

1.When/how do you get started in floral designing?

Meizhi: I used to be a typical ‘good’ student who finished graduate program and got myself a master degree. After starting work, when I realized there are no examinations any more, I felt lost and didn’t know what I can do to enrich my life. After all, studying has became large part of my life since young. After chanced upon a floral workshop 6 years ago, I finally decided to devote all my spare time to flowers. Opening a florist shop has been my biggest dream since young and I decided to live my dream.

2.Why is your company called Lavender Love?

Meizhi: It was because of the Taiwanese Drama called Lavender! Also, I love lavender alot.

3. What type of floral design styles do you work in?

Meizhi: At the very beginning, I will mainly work on whatever designs my customers like. My main focus now is wedding arrangement. Customers might prefer classical designs while I personally like the natural, elegant western style.

flower florist wedding

4.What is the most popular floral design & arrangement in 2016?

Meizhi: People start to like natural floral designs more as the colour scheme tends to be elegant vintage style.

flower florist wedding
flower florist wedding

5. Can you briefly describe your process in floral designing?

Meizhi: For weddings, we try to present the preferences and requirements of the couple. I will give my professional advice too. The key is understanding client’s requirements through communication. This will make the purchase of flowers and the design process much easier.

6.How much time you do you normally take to do a floral design?

Meizhi: The flower processing will take more than half day as the material given by provider are normally raw flowers with thorns. Designing a wedding bridal bouquet can take around 20 minutes or so for me now. Of course, when I first started, it took alot more time.

7.What are some of the common questions one should ask a floral designer before engaging the service?

Meizhi: Firstly, note that flowers are seasonal. If the bride really wants a certain flower, she will have to ask if it is available in the season. Secondly, ask for their portfolio. You need to make sure if you like the style of the florist as different florists has different designing styles.

8.What is your most popular package? Do you offer customized package?

Meizhi: The most popular one is the package including flowers decor for wedding car, bride banquet and corsage for bridegroom and parents. All packages can be customised according to customer’s requirements.

flower florist wedding
flower florist wedding

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