If you are like me – a person who always do due diligence before heading down to a restaurant or before purchasing something online, you will find this useful! Today, I would like to introduce a website called Juyyo, which helps you shop smarter & save more money.

Juyyo is a new promotions marketplace that helps users discover promotions, coupons, deals & discounts in Singapore. It is your personal shopping insights tool to help you stop missing out great promotions.

Everyday, people uses Juyyo to discover new promotions, make smart shopping decisions and stay connected with retailers/brands.

Basically, in short, Juyyo is a website that helps you know what promotions a retailer is currently having. With these insights, the team wants to help people make better decisions before shopping. Launched in late 2015, the website has already curated close to 4,000+ promotions from 1000+ retailers.

Introducing The Features

Just by surfing the website, one can see that Juyyo has a clean & simple design and the interface is very user-friendly. At the homepage, users can browse through trending, latest and upcoming promotions. The promotions and deals are also well categorized into beauty, health & wellness, contests & lucky draws, electronics & gadgets, fashion & accessories, shoes, freebies, restaurants and travel. For me, I am most interested in the travel & restaurants category! In addition to categories, users can also filter promotions by different genres such as 1 for 1, buffets, students and more.

If you are interested in a particular promotion, you can just click on the view promo icon and the more details will be shown up in a pop up in the same page. There are different kinds of promotions available. Some are online promo codes that you can use in online shops, some are flash & redeem coupons, some are purely informative like moving out sale etc.


(Screenshot: After clicking on the view promo icon. Promo code promotion)


(Screenshot: After clicking on the view promo icon. Flash & Redeem Coupons)

You can search for promotions & deals via their intuitive search at the header. Their search functions just like Google Instant Search. By typing keywords, it will shows recommendations that you might be interested.


Every merchant/retailer has their own “Juyyo Page”. Similar to Facebook page but in a different way, this Juyyo Page allows merchant to list down their current ongoing promotions. Personally I feel that the page will be better if there are more social features for users to interact with the merchant/retailer.

Nevertheless, this page is pretty useful for end users. For e.g. If I am craving for fast food, I can simply just do a search in Juyyo and see which fast food has better promotions before deciding.


(Screenshot: Long John Silver’s Juyyo Page)

Though not compulsory, you can choose to sign up with Juyyo to unlock more features. After logging in, you will have access to a personalized homepage. In this homepage you can enter “tags” for promotions that you are interested in.

After you enter the tags, the homepage will be personalized with recommended promotions. Pretty cool?


Juyyo is available in both mobile & web. They also have a chrome extension called “Button“. After users installed the extension, they will be able to see the promotions that a merchant/retailer or online shop has when they visit their website using chrome browser.

In my humble opinion, I believe the website could be improved with more social features for more user interactions. I have been visiting Juyyo on a regular basis to discover promotions & deals and personally I feel it’s indeed a good tool.

If you are like me – who always hunt for bargains or promotions, give Juyyo a try.

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