Chinatown has just become one of our most common visiting places in Singapore as Nicole frequents one of the travel agencies there for her visa application. This time round, it’s for the Malaysia visa – We will be heading to Malacca for a weekend stay soon! So after the visa application, we went for a food discovery walk in Chinatown and decided to have our lunch in this restaurant called Judian BBQ ( 聚点串吧). Judian BBQ has a similar concept as BBQ Box where you can order BBQ items that will comes on a big plate.

Getting to Judian BBQ

Address: 14 Smith Street Singapore 058928

Ju Dian(聚点) means “gathering point” in chinese. For me, this is my first time knowing this restaurant, but Nicole said that this restaurant is actually quite well known among China expats in Singapore. Ju Dian has a pretty above average rating in Tripadvisor too (#3,488 of 8,802 restaurants in Singapore)

At around 1:30PM, the restaurant was still packed with customers. We got to wait for around 10 minutes for a table. There were some westerners (look like tourists) trying the Chinese styled BBQ too. I thought westerners wouldn’t have like the chilli spices.

The restaurant is pretty small but is quite well decorated – with a big collage of photos of their past customers on a board hanging on the wall. There are some interesting photo frames too.

Freshly Brewed Ice Lemon Tea 

Fresh Watermelon Juice

Seafood Fried Rice

The seafood fried rice comes in a big portion. The prawns are fresh and juicy and they are quite generous with their serving of ingredients. It maybe a bit greasy for some but I myself find their seafood fried rice quite tasty.

Here comes the BBQ items! We ordered chicken wings (my favorite), pork/chicken meat, sotong balls, potatoes, a variety of veges and more. Price wise, I think Ju Dian is a little cheaper than BBQ Box but overall the taste is quite similar. BBQ Box has more variety of items though.

Well, it will be great if Ju Dian can have raw garlics or sauce to go with the BBQ too.

  • 7.5/10
    Quality of Food - 7.5/10
  • 7/10
    Customer Service - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Value for Money - 7/10
  • 6/10
    Atmosphere - 6/10


This is my first time trying Judian BBQ. Overall, my dining experience is quite pleasant. I like their seafood fried rice. You can consider ordering it next time if you visit Judian BBQ. Customer service is average and the waiter/waitresses are polite and friendly. For the price, it is a little cheaper when you compared with BBQ Box. Not a bad place to chill out and have some beer & bbq at night with your friends if you guys are craving for it.

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