When you visit Finnish Lapland during winter times, one of the must-do snow activity is the Husky Dog Safari. During my trip to Finland, I experienced the husky ride for the first time and trust me, it’s pretty thrilling. Depending on which hotel you stayed in, you may want to check out if they provide Husky Dog Safari activity. I think most have it.

Siberian Husky Dog is a extremely beautiful dog breed with thick fur. They love people and are extremely friendly and exciting when mingling with people.

The best timing to go on a Husky Dog ride is probably during the daytime as you can take much better video and photos.  Unfortunately, due to the sky darkening faster than we thought, our husky ride became a night husky ride. As we were on a tour group with activities scheduled beforehand, there was nothing we can do about it. Nevertheless, we thought, let’s try to make the best out of our experience since it was already paid for.

When we arrived at the farm, the husky dog rides were already prepared for us. There were a total of 4 sleds positioned just behind one another, ready to go off.

Controlling The Husky Dogs

Controlling the husky is super easy. Basically, there is a driver and a passenger. The driver will control the husky dogs while the passenger will sit comfortably on the sled. The driver will just have to place both the feets on the left/right wooden plank in an upright standing position. There is a big wooden break in the middle of the left/right planks. To ask the husky dogs to slow down, simply just step on the break.  To make a stop completely, use both feets and your body weight to step on the “break”. The husky dogs are well trained and intelligent enough to understand your intentions, so don’t be worry and enjoy the ride.

Typically, there are 6 husky dogs pulling for each sled and the first two husky dogs are normally the “leaders” or the more intelligent ones. As mentioned by the guide, the speed of the husky rides can go up to around 15 – 20km/hr. In case you are wondering, you will not be alone with the husky, there will be staff riding on a snowmobile following you just in case something happens.

There are times where you may need to assist the dogs, for e.g. in case of steeper slopes, sometimes the dog may not be strong enough to pull the sled up, in cases like this, the dog will take its head back to look at you. The driver can help by simply getting a foot down the ground, and help move the sled forward – Just like rollerblading.


Driver – When going down the slopes or approaching curves, you may want to slow down. Keep both hands on the steering handle at all times.
Passenger – Remember not to place your hands or feet outside the sled.

Let me know how your husky dog ride goes!

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