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Printing can be easy & cheap – This is what GogoPrint, a Singapore-based startup, wants to achieve. Having set its foot in Singapore, Gogoprint.sg can totally change the way how people & businesses print their marketing collaterals in Singapore. With a previous first-hand experience in finding a local printer, sending the files and getting my stuff printed and delivered, I totally understand how difficult the process may be. Believe me, the whole process was tedious and having minimum order requirements further elevated the cost of printing. It was not that cost effective if you wanted to print in a smaller volume.

Gogoprint.sg, a leading online printing marketing and technology firm, has the distinct vision to make ordering printing products easy and cost-effective, thereby helping small- and medium-sized businesses to market their businesses and to grow.

The team at GogoPrint see this as a potential gap to fill and built their platform to help solve this problem. Basically, they are building an online platform where they support smaller customers with fast delivery times. The way they are tackling this problem, in layman terms, is to consolidate requests from consumers & businesses into one batch job before sending to their print partners. This may sound simple, but it is not so in reality. The company uses algorithms to aggregate these print jobs taking into consideration of different metrics like print paper quality, delivery times, printing volume etc.

How GogoPrint Works


Step 1 – Create Account

Sign up & create your Gogoprint account here. Enter the required fields and you are good to go.

Step 2 – Dashboard

After you created your account, you will be redirected to the dashboard instantly. Here in the dashboard, you can view your orders, account information & manage your address book.

Step 3 – Choose Your Products

Choosing a product to print is easy. Just go the products page via the navigation at the top. In Gogoprint, you can choose a variety of print products like business cards, digital booklets, offset booklets, stickers, posters, flyers, leaflets, presentation folders, gift vouchers, postcards, table tents, invitation cards, bookmarks & tags. It will be great if GogoPrint offers t-shirts or mug printing as well though!

Step 4 –  Choose Your Options

For me, I am printing some postcards so that I can send to some of my friends & business associates on our recent Chongqing trip. For postcards, you can set a format, paper type, and finishing. Note that the price will change according to your settings.

Step 5 – Choose Quantity & Delivery Speed

Not in a rush, so I selected normal production. Delivery will take around 1 week time.

Step 6 – Add to Shopping Cart

Pretty straightforward, add the products to your shopping cart, check your details and proceed to checkout.

Step 7 – Enter Billing/Shipping Information & Proceed To Payment

Step 8 – Upload Your Files

After payment, you will be required to upload your media files for printing. The allowed formats are pdf, jpg, png, psd, zip, rar, jpeg, eps, tiff, ai, gif. It is also recommended to upload vector file instead of raster files.

Click here to see how you can set up a print-friendly pdf using Adobe Illustrator.

That’s it. Simple & straightforward right? It took me just around 5 minutes of work to complete the order of my postcards and I can’t wait for it to be delivered.

The Postcards From GogoPrint

I received the postcards (100x) 1 week after I completed the order online. The quality of printing and the paper used for the postcards is good. In addition, the ordering process is simple and the customer service is excellent.

The photo we used for the postcard is taken by me when I visited Hongya Cave in Chongqing around 2 weeks ago. If you like it, leave your comment here, I will mail it over. First come first serve! 🙂

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