The most interesting part of China is that by travelling around the country, we can feel as if we have travelled and viewed most kinds of sceneries. For example, if you want to see the vast of sea, then go to Hainan. If you want to see the modernness of a city, then go to Shanghai. But if you are curious about a wild world, then no place is better than the Northern West of China.

Conventionally, the Northern West of China includes Xinjiang, Gansu, Qinghai and Ningxia and Shanxi. Though those provinces are not as developed as the affluent coastal cities, they mostly maintain the purest part of  tradition, history and nature, which makes them very recommended destinations to go if you really want to experience a unique wild life.


Upon my graduation from university, I planned a trip with my friends together to go to cities in Gansu and Qinghai. It is a big area and the recommended visiting duration is at least 5 days. Below is our itinerary:

Day1: Xining (Qinghai province) – Taer Temple (Qinghai province) – Qinghai Lake (Qinghai province)

Day2: Qinghai Lake (Qinghai province) – Chaka Salt Lake (Qinghai province)

Day3: Yumenguan Pass (Gansu province) – Yadan National Park (Gansu province)

Day4: Dunhuang (Gansu province)

Day5:  Jiayuguan Pass (Gansu province) – Zhangye National Park ((Gansu province))

Day6: Qilian Mountain (Qinghai province)  – Menyuan (Qinghai province)  – Xining (Qinghai province)


The best and easiest way to travel is by private car. In China, you can rent a car along with a driver. That is, the driver will travel with you. The cost of renting will normally includes the cost of driver too. For us 8 people traveling 6 days, it is totalled around 8000 RMB, averaged to 1300 RMB per person.


As said, this is not an easy journey like a 3 day 2 night in a luxurious resort. This is the wildest part of China! Be prepared to bear with the wide temperature difference, dry and sandy wind and simplest accommodation etc. while also looking forward to the vast desert where camels are the only vehicle, historical heritages constructed thousands of years ago and interesting culture of China’s minority people.

Are you excited already? Below are previews of the stunning sceneries we have seen during the trip. In the following posts, we will detail the trip every day and bring you closer to this craziest wildness in China!

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