Floatation? Do you mean floating on the water?

Well, I mean floating in a pod which looks like an egg-shaped sensory isolation tank. This concept was created by neurophysicist Dr John C Lilly 60 year ago when he was doing research on brain waves and altered states of consciousness. Today, floatation becomes popular in many countries with an increasing number of float clubs/centres being set up. Having read about floatation online, we decided to experience our “virgin float” in Palm Ave Float Club.

Getting to Palm Ave Float Club

Address: 66 Kampong Bugis, #05-01 Singapore 338987

Palm Ave Float Club is located at the 5th level. The moment the lift door opened, a bright, cool and cosy space appeared in front of us. You can hear some soothing spa music which makes the atmosphere very relaxing.

For your info, we made the appointment one day before. As this is our first time, the staff gave us a short introductory session on how to do the first floatation. Basically, below are steps you should follow:

Each room only allows one person to enter. The room is designed to remove all unnecessary distractions to the largest extent. The float tank looks like a large, enclosed bathtub. Because of the super-saturated Epsom salt solution which is about 25cm deep, people can just easily float on the water like in the Dead Sea.

Putting on the earplug, I dipped myself into the futuristic-like pod. In the first 10 minutes, you can hear some music playing to soothe down the nerves. Afterwards, I gradually felt more relaxed and weightless as my body began to feel free from gravity and tension. It was just like floating in space or the dead sea. I felt comfortable without the distraction of lights and noises and I can hardly tell I am actually floating on water!

To achieve the best result, it is recommended to switch off all the lights (including both the inner pod light and the room light). There is a towel on the side in case any water spill over your face. It can be a bit painful when the salt water accidentally comes into the eyes. You can either wear swimming suit or go nude in the pod although the latter is highly recommended to get fully distraction-free.

With the same music played again (5 minutes before end), my session was quickly ended without my conciseness. My body was full of the salt solution of course. Then, I took a hot bath before heading out of the room to the lounge.

We spent some time resting on the sofa and drinking tea. Facing the windows, you can enjoy some beautiful scenery on the outside as well. I felt real good and energized after the float!

Benefits of floatation:

Pain relief
Strengthens the immune system
Stimulates concentration and creativity
Gain mental clarity

More information:

Pricing: 90 bucks per 60 min session

Website: http://palmavefloatclub.com

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